What we need to pack for camping – our camping list

We’re off on an adventure, we’re leaving right away…

…well, in a few hours, anyway!

We are going camping – so here’s what we need to get together:

  • tent – including guy ropes, pegs, inners and ground sheets
  • mallet (you can’t use shoes to knock in tent pegs, or frying pans, or camping chairs…)
  • air beds and pump
  • two duvets, sleeping bags, an assortment of blankets
  • pillowcases (can be stuffed with towels, clothes etc to make pillows…)
  • towels – twice as many as we think we’ll need
  • a camping chair each
  • gas stove, extra gas, matches, lighter stick thingy
  • frying pan, two saucepans (a small one for milk and water, a big one for pasta and beans)
  • spatula, wooden spoon, serving spoon, sharp knife, scissors, tin opener, bottle opener, cheese grater, kitchen roll, chopping board
  • plastic plates, bowls, cups and cutlery
  • a big plastic tub to keep it all in and use for washing up / bathing kids
  • rubber backed picnic rug
  • chilly bin
  • skewers and marshmallows
  • fire bucket / barbecue
  • string, duct tape – to use as washing line, broken kite repairer, air bed mender, tent accident solutions…
  • wine, beer, Shloer…
  • water carrier (we’ve got a foldy one)
  • head torch, lantern torch, small led torch, wind up torch
  • spare batteries
  • a little bit of food (pasta, beans, cereal, ketchup, oil…we like to buy most stuff when we arrive)
  • washing up stuff – sponge, brush, gloves, washing liquid, couple of tea towels)
  • plenty of change for showers
  • pack of cards
  • ball
  • balloons
  • other toys/games for kids
  • travel potty, toilet tissue, and it goes without saying we already have a huge mound of baby wipes and hand sanitiser with us anyway…
  • sun block
  • bin bags
  • first aid kit
  • wellies
  • a good book for me 🙂

And, depending on where we are going:

  • gazebo
  • buckets and spades
  • crabbing / fishing nets
  • swimming gear
  • windbreaks
  • sun tent
  • bikes
  • solar fairy lights
  • bubbles. In fact, carry bubbles everywhere, at all times. Many a potential tantrum has been averted by bubbles…
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