The 2016 Anti-Bucket List Update – did we do any of the things we definitely didn’t want to do?

So 2016 has limped sloth-like to a close, accompanied by many mince pies and a lost box of maltesers. Time to think about the things we didn’t do. Including the things we were meant to do, and the stuff we definitely didn’t want to do AT ALL.

Here’s how we got on:

  1. Procrastinate. Partly avoided. I can’t lie, there was some procrastination going on at times. Particularly when something exciting came up on the internets like ’40+ amazing things you didn’t know about stuff you didn’t even think you cared about but really YOU DO!’. Or that time when the sofa was just so comfy and the stuff was just…well…wait, where was I?
  2. Get caught out by ‘special offers’. AVOIDED. I did not go to the Christmas sales (I can still hear Lakeland calling to me but I AM STRONG, I WILL IGNORE YOU LAKELAND), I did not end up with a kitchen full of discounted washing up liquids. I did not buy any random tickets for random things. I DID by a shark tail blanket but then I remembered my senses and got a refund. Groupon, you are no longer my friend.
  3. Be part of a zombie apocalypse. AVOIDED! Every year this comes up. I even had a chat about the zombie apocalypse in a jacuzzi. But still, there were no zombies. Apart from in my Kindle.
  4. Sit silently in meetings. AVOIDED And now sometimes I get glared at for talking too much. But always about the stuff that needs talking about (and sometimes about zombies).
  5. Break things. MOSTLY AVOIDED Many glasses were broken, but this is why we don’t have nice things. No bones were broken. The bathroom floor was not broken. My thyroid is a bit broken, but I’m working on fixing it… and the bank balance, well… it’s a bit dinged up but a work in progress.
  6. Continue as creatures of eating-habit. FAIL FAIL FAIL We still have a lot of macaroni cheese. The kids still love it. I’ve resigned myself to adding sneaky cheese coloured vegetables to it. You can’t win everything. And I did make a very nice roulade, too.
  7. Stare at the clothing mountain. AVOIDED…kind of. The breastfeeding clothes are GONE. The clothes are mostly put away. But the mountain is still there… it’s just made up of other stuff, not clothes…
  8. Use the slow cooker as a semi-unsightly kitchen ornament. MASSIVE FAIL. It’s still unsightly and still ridiculously high up. I did put a nutri Ninja underneath it though, and that is getting lots of love 😀
  9. Memorise plastic card numbers. AVOIDED. The bank issued new cards. My mind is broken and can’t remember stuff. Well done 2016.
  10. Forget how to have fun. AVOIDED – fun was had, and there was positivity. There is still fun work to be done though… 2017 fun here we come!


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