6-8 weeks check – but what are they checking for?

Somehow, the weeks have flown by and the time for the 6-8 weeks check arrived.

When it was booked into my diary, it seemed like a long way off. In those few weeks, Little B has definitely grown and changed – so what would the doctor be looking for?

Well, first he checked her hearing and sight by waving a red clacky thing around in her face. She seemed pretty keen on it at first and followed it with her eyes a bit before then feigning indifference and staring at a really, really interesting blank spot on the wall.

Then he shone a light in her eyes. Which made her put her ‘amazed eyes’ on.

And then he got out the measurey things – scales, height mat and tape for her head. The scales showed she’d put on 1lb 3oz since her last weigh in 10 days previously. No wonder my arms have been aching a bit! Since she was born, she’s also grown 7.5 cm and her head has got 5cm bigger. It seems amazing how much babies grow, and how quickly. Even though I”ve been through this stage twice before already I’d still forgotten the speed!

Anyway, the doctor was pleased. She’s sticking to her lines despite being sick copiously and regularly and she’s smiley about it all too – so we got a positive report.

And then on to me. ‘How are you feeling’ asked the doctor. ‘Well’ I said. ‘I’m generally feeling very well – tired, but that’s to be expected; and occasionally grumpy and stressed but mostly happy’.

‘Good’ he said.

And that was it! I’m pretty sure the 6-8 weeks check is supposed to include more than that for mums – at least I have a recollection that’s what the health visitor told me – but I’m fairly sure that I’m ok so I didn’t press the issue.

And so we are signed off as being all ok.

Next stop, immunisations 🙁

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