Bringing the beach inside – creating our own indoor beach

February half term. Not the warmest of school holidays, and not really the best month for spending time on the beach.

Unless it’s an indoor beach, of course!

The weather has been mostly of the wet and chilly variety, and so we decided that rather than go to an actual wet and chilly beach, we’d create our own warm, sunny, not-so-wet indoor beach to enjoy. Complete with ‘rockpools’, ‘sand’, and of course ice cream…real ice cream!

We started off with a boring living room…

beach 1 (1024x679)


…and we ended up with this:

beach 2 (705x1024)

The sofa became a sand dune (with fleecy green fabric over a sandy coloured throw). The rug was transformed into a pebble beach, complete with seashells and frothy waves breaking at it’s edge (another white throw). A blue picnic blanket sea stretched further out in the room, and to one side a rock pool (pop up paddling pool) sat filled with rocks (balloons), seaweed (fish tank ornaments) and various sea creatures (bath toys).

We even hung a balloon sun and paper seagulls from the light fixtures in the ceiling! (It’s not authentic seaside without a divebombing seagull or two…).


The kids had great fun building imaginary sandcastles and ‘paddling’ in the sea…

beach 8 (1024x683)

…and then even more fun enjoying some ice cream on their own personal beach.

beach 14 (1024x717)

There’s nothing quite like being on an actual beach – the smell, the sound, the textures – but having our own indoor beach came pretty close in terms of fun, and the kids really enjoyed putting it all together. Little B loved her rock pool, and I can see ‘beaches’ being a popularly requested activity in the coming weeks. And we won’t even end up with shoes full of sand for weeks either!

beach 20 (1024x683)

I’ve got lots of ideas for making it even more fun next time we have an opportunity for an outdoor beach too – filling the rockpool with shredded tissue paper for a sea creatures treasure hunt, using popcorn for a ‘pebble’ beach, and perhaps some shaving foam play to recreate the waves as they break on the shore.

We might not be visiting the real beach any time soon, but we’ll certainly be having lots of fun on our own beach at home 🙂indoor beach play

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