eight days of three generations in Malta #feelathome

Where can you take three generations of family on holiday and find something to please them all?

This is the question I asked myself when we decided to do just that – and I ended up settling on Malta. I am not sure why I thought of Malta in the first place, it was a bit like when we chose our house… circling a finger on a map in the general vicinity and then investigating where it happened to land.

Turns out, Malta ticks all the boxes. After a bit of research, I settled on the DB San Antonio hotel in St Pauls Bay, which offers family rooms, all inclusive food and drink (no arguments about who wants to eat what), indoor and outdoor pools (kids happy), a kids club with games room (kids AND parents happy), a spa (grandma happy), a coastline location and lots of interesting places to explore locally, and via day trips (adults and kids alike all happy). Plus, the price was pretty reasonable too. The DB San Antonio Hotel also offers free airport transfers, so all I had to do then was book some flights with Ryanair and we were ready to go.

The next thing I had to sort out was how we’d all co-ordinate ourselves whilst we were in Malta, given that we wouldn’t all be doing the same thing at the same time. At least so I assumed… and that’s where Three’s #FeelAtHome phone tariff jumped up and smacked me in the face. It has 12GB of data, loads of calls and texts… and they can be used anywhere in any of 51 different countries with no roaming charges, no extra fees, nothing. Happily, so happily, Malta is on that list of 51. Which also meant that I would be able to instagram, facebook and tweet our holiday fun times to my hearts content too, rather than spamming everyone with a million saved up pictures every time I figured out connecting to the hotel internet. Oh, and I could use the maps function as well – that always comes in handy on holidays!

So anyway, we arrived, and I got snapping.

Here’s the photographic, social media’d evidence of what we got up to:

1. I evidenced the fact that I can – contrary to popular belief – pack concisely. The Other Half will tell you that this is down to the fact that HE did the packing, and it’s true, he did start it off. However he forgot hats, coats, toothbrushes…so I edited the packing and then played tetris with suitcases in our car boot.

Packed and ready for 7 people to fly. And proof that I did not – as has been suggested – pack the kitchen sink.

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2. Made it to the plane. We were flying with Ryanair, which meant long queues and no frills flying, but it all worked well for us. The kids were excited to be on an aeroplane again, me not so much (I am not keen on being stuck in metal floating tubes), in any case a few hours later and I was seeing my window view of the wing, but in Malta.

Take off time. I love and hate being able to see the wings from my seat in equal measure

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Exploring St Pauls Bay

3. The weather on the first day was slightly drizzly and not too warm, so we wandered along the shoreline and explored the locality in St. Pauls Bay. The planets of the solar system were spread out along the railings at regular intervals and Seb in particular loved finding each one and reading the interesting facts inscribed about them.

malta me seb and little b

4. The next day (Saturday) was a little brighter, so we explored the shoreline again and found an awesome kids playground next to the equally awesome Malta National Aquarium. The kids burnt off a bit of energy in the park, and then we headed back to our hotel for some evening entertainment – most notably, the kids disco, which the girls threw themselves into wholeheartedly.

malta D and little B on stage

Marsaxlokk Sunday Market






5. Sunday was reserved for a trip to the Marsaxlokk Market – a traditional fish market, along the harbour front with all the fishing boats bobbing gently in the water behind the stalls.

I could happily have stayed there all day, watching the boats and the bustle of the market; and eating some of the fish in one of the many restaurants scattered around the area – but we were on a coach trip so eventually we had to head back to make sure we didn’t end up stranded there for the rest of our holiday…and we got to take in the calming swimming pool and palm trees back at the hotel instead:

Time for a dip before dinner?

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Malta National Aquarium

6. Having safely returned to our hotel, on the Monday we headed to look at the Malta National Aquarium from the inside. I’ve been to quite a few aquariums, but this one stands out as being very well thought out, and interesting for the kids. The undersea tunnel captured their attention for quite some time – I loved the turtle and the rays myself.

Yesterday we went to spot fish in the aquarium. Today we are going out on a boat to see fish in the sea πŸ™‚

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Visiting Gozo and Comino

7. Tuesday was a really beautiful sunny day, and also the day we had picked to explore Gozo and Comino, the smaller islands to the North of Malta. Our trip began on a glass bottomed boat, which gave us a fantastic view of the local marine life

Followed by a trip to the blue lagoon… and I couldn’t resist going for a swim. The water was cold, but the sun was out and it was more refreshing than freezing (not many other people agreed with me though!).

malta swimming in blue lagoon

The most I convinced the kids to do was paddle:

The blue lagoon in Comino got its name for a good reason, I’m thinking. The kids are keen on it, anyway πŸ™‚

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And then we got back on the boat, and shortly afterwards arrived in Gozo, where there was fish of the eating kind

Dott tipiku Malti – my very delicious lunch here on Gozo

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Moggy got to partake in one of her favourite pastimes – exploring local markets

malta mum at the market

and the older generation also both loved the Citadella, which had fantastic views all across Gozo

malta gozo citadel grandma and nana

Relaxing by the pool

8. Wednesday was our last full day in Malta, and so we made the most of the sunshine by relaxing in / by the pool

malta db san antonio chilling by pool

malta db san antonio lounger time

and also sending postcards to people back in the UK (whilst posting a sneaky instagram photo to taunt them too!).

Sending greetings home – who will be getting a postcard from Little B?

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9. The holiday was finished in style, with a full english breakfast paving the way for our journey back to the U.K.

The best way to start the last day of holiday

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Being able to share our holiday while it was happening was a very novel thing, and it was great to be able to receive recommendations from friends who had visited Malta before too – in real time, while we were there.

And we didn’t lose anyone while we were away either, thanks to being able to stay in touch – so that was a bonus too!

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