The end of the fourth trimester

Little B has reached the end of the ‘fourth trimester’ – that first three months of babyhood where newborns are still developing at a phenomenal rate – and the difference is really noticable.

Suddenly, almost overnight she began taking a real interest in things, grabbing at the dangly bits on her bouncer chair; making little noises; rolling over from back to front and – when people will hold her up – standing and beaming around the room with her infectious little smile. She has found her feet, and she likes them!

It was all a bit unexpected as the time has been passing so fast and I’d just got used to my sleepy, scrunched up newborn, when suddenly, here she is: wanting to be entertained, staying awake for longer and massively interested in everything.smily 3mo

We went to ‘Newbie Tuesday’s’, the baby group that I take her to for under 1’s and for the first week ever she actually stayed awake and alert through the whole thing instead of pretty much sleeping through it all.

And she’s started interacting with her siblings and other babies too, lying and ‘chatting’ to them with big smiles and little squeaks and cooing noises.

sleeping in bouncer
Learning is tiring – asleep after figuring out how to hold one of my old rattles at Grandma’s house

I’d kind of forgotten this stage, and it’s a bit crazy suddenly now dealing with a baby who’s becoming more demanding as well as her big brother and sister but it’s a lot of fun too – it’s lovely watching her learn and grow and seeing all the new skills she picks up every day. The Wee Man and Bubby D insisted that Little B have a toothbrush just like them when we went to get their new ones last week, and I was amazed to see her grip on to it, wiggle it a bit then stick it in her mouth! I’m not so convinced that she actually has learnt to brush her teeth (they are convinced she has despite not having any!) and I suspect it’s more that she currently tries to put EVERYTHING in her mouth – but it was a really lovely moment all the same.

So goodbye to the newborn days – and hello to my wriggly, smiling inquisitive baby! I’m looking forward to seeing what she learns to do next.

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