The end of the beginning – finishing reception

Dropping the Wee Man off at school last thursday, I went to the office to pay for his dinners. The last time I’ll have to do that for a while – they’re free next year! (I thought gleefully to myself).

‘That’ll be £28 please’ the helpful office lady said. (Why can I still not remember her name…?)

That can’t be right, can it? £28? That means…eek, that means there are three weeks of school left. THREE WEEKS until reception year is over and the bigtime school career begins!

I guess I did kind of know that the holidays are creeping up. The Wee Man’s excited talk of end of term disco’s. The lack of new reading books to take home as the teacher focuses her attention on reports and paperwork rather than considering the mental anguish we are now being exposed to every night as we again rediscover exactly what ‘the Fox and the Ducks’ have been up to. The fact that the Wee Man doesn’t really need me to get him some summer shorts to wear because his trousers are kind of starting to look like shorts anyway…

But only three weeks left? That brought me quickly back to reality with a bump.

Three more weeks and he’s into school proper. No astroturfed play area full of tricycles. No sets of wellies all lined up on a rack to dry.

It’s gone really, really quickly and in that time he’s learnt to read (that thing that adults do where they spell out ‘I-C-E C-R-E-A-M? That doesn’t work anymore!) to write and to do quite a lot of adding, subtracting and multiplying. He’s made some firm friends, he’s learnt with wonder about the world and how it all operates, and he’s had his first sports day and first school trip.

It’s been an amazing few months for him, and for me; rediscovering things I’d long forgotten and also remembering how many rules and regulations school days have!

Three more weeks. That’s really no time at all.

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