Time for the trolley – the ordinary moments

Three kids. One large supermarket.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

‘I WAAAAANT milkshake. Go to the milkshake. NOW!’ wails the middle one, insisting that it is the only thing we need to live, ever. And off she runs.

‘Mummy, that man is fat and he’s buying blue milk. You shouldn’t drink blue milk if you’re fat!’ proclaims the eldest, ear wincingly loudly, as we pass by chasing his sister.

‘Waaaaaaa’ screams the youngest. I can see why. I feel like screaming too…

But this week, something has changed. Something truly amazing has happened.

Little B has learned to sit sufficiently that she has been awarded the long awaited status of ‘mummy’s trolley helper’.

And because she is sitting up nicely in the trolley, safely penned in by the little blue trolley seat strap and proudly gripping the metal rims of the seat in front of her, the other two want in on the action as well.

‘I’ll sit next to Little B!’ shouts Bubby D eagerly.

‘I’ll sit in the back, please mummy PLEASE’ begs the Wee Man.

And so our sedate cruise around Tesco begins. We pass by the amazing doorway offers that would normally lead to grabbing and screaming (and they are even GIANT boxes of chocolate that go unremarked upon!). We calmly walk by the childrens’ toys aisle, and the shiny new Fisher Price toys with their enticing colourful plastic buttons and friendly smiling faces begging us to pick them up and take a look. We make it ALL THE WAY to the bananas without even so much as a whimper about needing biscuits.

bananas with bandana bibs
They didn’t look exactly like this, but I really think they should have!


Little B is so thrilled to be sitting in the big girls trolley seat (even if Bubby D has surrounded her with onions) and the elder two are so thrilled to be in on her latest adventure that we actually manage to make it around the whole supermarket and out again with minimal fuss and disruption. And no screaming! (apart from perhaps the slightly loud imaginary trumpets of joy going off in my head following this first amazingly successful shopping experience.

I won’t lie, I don’t expect it to last. Next week the trolley will be last weeks news, and I’m sure Little B will be just as bored of being contained inside it – as her siblings usually are – in a disappointingly short space of time.

But for now, hurrah!

Trolleys. Such an ordinary thing, and yet, sometimes so exciting too.


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