The 2017 anti-bucket list edit – did we do any of the things we really didn’t want to?

A third year of avoiding things has come to an end. And how successful was it? Read on and find out…

1. Things hiding in the loft.


I’m pretty sure there are some lingering things still sniggering in a corner. But they can stay there. At least for a few weeks. WATCH OUT sniggering things, I’m coming and I’m armed with decluttering motivation.

2. Living in a shithole.

PARTIALLY AVOIDED. Sometimes by going out and pretending I live somewhere else. I also did do some cleaning, and some tidying.

But… kids… and stuff…

3. Slavery.

FAILED MISERABLY. I’m still a slave to my entitled offspring. Maybe 2018 will be the year of change?

4. The Zombie Apocalypse.

AVOIDED. And to be honest, of all the things I was avoiding this is the one I’m most glad was a success.

5. The Robot Uprising.

PARTIALLY AVOIDED. The kids have learned how to use Alexa. She knows how to sing Gangnam Style. She furnishes them with timers when I say ‘I’ll be there in a minute’. She miaows unexpectedly when cat mode has been enabled and forgotten and not switched off. All of these things slightly displease me.

6. Unexpected kittens.

AVOIDED. Apart from the imaginary Alexa kitten, that is.

7. Chronic illnesses.

AVOIDED. In terms of acquiring new ones, anyway.

8. Ending the year with less money than we started it with.

AVOIDED. This year might be a bit expensive though…

9. Shouting.

PARTIALLY AVOIDED. Turns out hypothryoidism makes me irritable and snappy. And so do the kids. And the Other Half. And sometimes my job. Basically there has been shouting. I’ve reflected on it more than I did though, and learnt when it’s better to just hide in a dark room and pretend I’m a hedgehog.

10. Leaving the fish tank lid behind the bookshelves for another year.

AVOIDED. The lid is on. The tank is secure. The lights have stopped working though… perhaps that’ll get fixed this year…

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