The Jungle Bunch, broken shoes and Love of my Life #littleloves

Back to reality… this week has seen the start of the school Autumn Term, which means everything is back to the usual routine of rushing around all day and passing out at night.


With that being the case, I haven’t had the time or the inclination to read as much as I normally would. Probably just the labels on school clothes, and the information about the holiday journals the kids were meant to have written. (which they haven’t, and refuse to entertain doing as there is no penalty for not doing it. Every year I say I’ll remember they have to do this stuff, and every year I forget. And they have so much they could write about too!).


Game of Thrones is OVER for another 500 days or something equally eternity-like. That means I have not really watched any television this week at all.

I did, however brave the tube network with all three kids to see The Jungle Bunch.


Since we got back from camping I’ve been determined to eat a bit more healthily (not that I didn’t whilst camping, but there was a lot of chocolate, pasta and gin…) and so this week I got a Sri Lankan butternut curry kit from Tesco to try out. It has all the ingredients already there in one little box, and there were only six ingredients in total which made it feel a bit less of an arduous task (my energy levels are low this week).


Or more to the point, didn’t wear… I managed to destroy my black ankle boots, with the sole totally snapped through. I didn’t realise until I noticed my foot had rearranged itself and was in quite a lot of pain. And since they’re the shoes I mostly wear for work, I’m going to have to source some new ones pretty quickly. It seems that biker style ankle boots aren’t so much in fashion this year so it might take me a bit longer than I’d like.


I rediscovered Queen ‘Love of my Life’ this week, and it’s been played so often that D can pretty much sing along with me now too. I remember singing it for GCSE music and since then it kind of slipped off my radar, but now it’s getting a lot of very loud air time in the car.


Kerala arrived with me ready for Board Game Club this week, and since it’s a game I’ve not played before I roped in a friend to help me learn how it all works.

I also took Seb to the Havering Geeks and Board Games meetup, and we played Ticket To Ride – First Journey, before having a go at traditional Uno and then Uno Stacko, which is basically Jenga but with an Uno twist.

And lastly…

It’s my ten year anniversary with the Other Half this weekend, and D’s birthday party – so I think we are going to be busy!

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