The bigger the river, the bigger the drought

The week began sloth-like and has gradually accelerated to something more monkeyish in nature. Perhaps a lion tamarin one. Small scale but slightly excitable.

Anyway, I’ve done some things:


After the heavy going tomes of last week I have reverted to form and fired up a good old apocalyptic novel. Emergence: Infection by JT Sawyer is the first in the series of a few books that explore the demise of world following quasi-accidental release of a parasitic virus spread by quite frankly horrific sounding worms. Can’t beat some evil body snatching worms for a bit of enjoyment, can you. I feel right ready for my Disney holiday now…


Following a two month break, I jumped back into the world of square eyes with a bit of ‘The Rain’ on Netflix. Much like the above, it revolves around a world decimated by a virus – except this time it’s the rain that’s the killer, not the worms.

It’s Danish originally and dubbed with accented English which takes a little getting used to, but I’ve managed three episodes so far so it must be fairly entertaining.


Eating really isn’t happening that frequently of late. I did construct an egg sandwich (freshly boiled, mashed warm, with salad cream). I think that’s really been the limit of my culinary prowess.


Peppa Pig World was on the agenda and so I felt I should be somewhat colourful for that – out came the purple hoodie and my shiny sunglasses. Other than that, the rest of the week has been a riot of monochrome.


With a several-hours-long car journey looming, I decided to update my music selection with a driving rock playlist. There’s been a lot of retro going on. I LOVE ROCK N’ ROLL…


Playing anything was low on the agenda this week due to the massive energy sapping properties of drunken doom metalling the night before boardgames. I watched other people play a lot of things. And I backed Growl on Kickstarter.

And lastly…

Screw the house. I might just live in one of the many boxes it’s full of. I can fit a hot tub in there, right?
(I think I might feel more enthusiastic after the Disney Magic…) 🙂


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