Pie, Playstation and snuggly blankets #littleloves

Hello November. Hello cold. Hello big snuggly blankets and puddings with custard.

The cold I’m not so keen on but the rest is all good – November has started with a bang (quite a few bangs, in Moggy’s back garden).


I’ve been straight back to dystopia land this week, reading Cell 7 by Kerry Drewer. Basically, the world has descended into judicial chaos, with people voting on a reality TV show to determine whether accused criminals live or die – and that’s only if they can afford the phone call or internet subscription.


Stranger Things 2 has dominated my screen – and although I didn’t manage to binge watch it like many of my friends I did stream several episodes in a row. Tearing myself away from the screen and off to much needed sleep was a bit of a mission, which is why I know I’ve very much enjoyed it. The 70’s ness of it all, the hair, the cars, the massive doom laden monsters… it’s all a giant parcel of awesome.

santus circus rings rubyI also got to watch some amazing acrobats, motorcyclists, and other people who can make their bodies do awesome things when I took Little B to see Santus Circus. We were lucky to get ringside seats and I was just as enthralled by it all as she was – I don’t think I’ve ever been so close to the action before.


Bonfire night means traditional sticky gingerbread, so of course I made some. I also made key lime pie. I’ve eaten quite a lot of both.


playing playstation together

We went to find out about all the latest family Playstation games at the weekend, so it seemed obvious I should stick on my Playstation hoodie – it’s lovely and snuggly and has a giant hood because I think it’s probably meant to be for a man… works for me, anyway!


Mostly I’ve heard fireworks, lots and lots of fireworks. Living near London there were displays going off all over the place (and people are still letting off fireworks pretty much every night since the weekend as well). I like the ones that sound like they’re screaming a little bit, but in a fun way not a heeeeeelp I’m exploding way.


Jungle Speed arrived this week and I took it along to #boardgameclub on Monday evening to try. It turns out having a dislocated elbow isn’t entirely useful since the object of the game is to grab the Totem as quickly as you can if the cards say you should. Still, it was fun – and I think it will be a great game for larger groups too. Looking forward to giving it a try again next week.

And lastly…

All the scheduled fun calendar things of generalness are over now until Christmas… and the countdown has definitely begun for that. D has spent the days following Bonfire Night writing her Christmas list. Bring on the mince pies!

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