Poop cake, Adventure Island and waterproof trousers #littleloves

Half way through the summer holidays, and I’m still reasonably much in one piece. This week marked 8 WHOLE YEARS since I somehow managed to push a small human into the world, and consequently there has been much rejoicing:


Ok, there might not be so much in the way of rejoicing in terms of reading material. As always, dystopia has featured heavily. This week, I became absorbed in the plight of The Killables, by Gemma Malley.


Game of Thrones. Obviously.

One main thought – beaches and seas of Westeros are astoundingly unpredictable.


Birthday cake was required this week, and – having watched the Emoji Movie last week, Poop is very much in fashion. The kids thought it was hilarious that Seb had a poop cake, and theorised that it was in fact made with real poop. Happily this was not the case (and I can’t imagine any situation where I would ever want to do that). Actually, devils food cake was used to create this particular Poop. It was delicious.

Five kids and a poop cake ? Happy Birthday Seb! #makeabirthdaywish #birthdaycake #emojicake

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Seb wanted to go to Adventure Island in Southend as his birthday treat. His birthday was on Wednesday, which was possibly the wettest, downright miserable day we’ve had for quite some time. Weather-wise, anyway. Knowing that we were going to get absolutely soaked, I decided comfort outweighed appearance and stuck my waterproof cycling gear on. Yes I looked like an idiot. But at least I was a reasonably dry idiot 🙂

southend adventure island the whip


The soundtrack to my life this week has mainly been small children thumping each other, wailing, and telling tales to me in a whiny voice. This is not my hearing thing of choice.

And lastly…

Next week there are no birthdays, and no poop cake – but I am hosting a Board Games Night which promises to be less wet, less poopy, and equally fun 🙂

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