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When it comes to hair, I have to stick my hand up and admit I’m not one of those mums who generally leaves the house looking like they’ve just stepped out of a beauty salon. The butterfly clip thing (see, I don’t even know the names of things for hair) that I picked up several years ago at the Ideal Home Show is my current ‘looking reasonably presentable’ best friend, as it allows me to scrape my hair back after a cursory two second brushing without resembling a particularly scruffy scarecrow.

This does not mean that I don’t like having hair reminiscent of one of those wonderful (and completely unachievable) hair adverts where the model inevitably swishes around their glossy and perfectly coiffed mane of hair, muttering on about how everyone deserves such a splendid display of gloriousness themselves. It’s just that I don’t have the time, the patience or indeed the ability to create such works of hair art myself.

Awaiting our transformation…

The THX (which stands for Total Hair Experts) range of products (sold exclusively by Tesco) may however change all this. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to try them out, together with some of my fellow mummy bloggers, and see if they could convert even the most clueless of home hair stylers (that’d be me) into a curly hair wielding success story. I have naturally curly hair, but unfortunately no-one told my hair that in order to look good curly, it should curl uniformly and not go frizzy. Instead, it has a habit of sticking out at silly angles with some almost flat bits interspersed with some insane corkscrews. It’s also the type of hair that when faced with any moisture at all, balloons into a frizzy mane around my un-made up face. Great if you’re a lion. Not so good if you’re a sleep-denied mum of two rushing to an important work presentation.

Not a good look…

So how to attempt to achieve this hair success? Well, following a lovely session with a makeup artist who successfully managed to hide my panda eyes and spots, THX got a hair professional to demonstrate their magic wand* on one side of my hair before challenging me to create the same effect on the other side. I was dubious this may lead to disastrous results but actually I was extremely pleasantly surprised to find that I could do it. Not only that, but it was quick, and easy…and my hair stayed curly and happy and nice-to-look-at for two days. Even after a trip home in the rain with no umbrella!

Looking good!

*not an actual magic wand. It’s actually called the THX Curvaceous Locks Styling Wand but that’s a bit too much of a mouthful for me.

Being nice as they are, the lovely THX people gave me a magic wand to take home with me so that I could continue to appear amazing-haired. Again, dubiousness prevailed. Being a little bit hesitant to try and achieve the full effect before work in case it all went horribly wrong, I settled for my failsafe butterfly clip scrapingbackness, with just the two front bits loose and ready to be magicked into curliness. And it worked again! All day I couldn’t help twirling them around my fingers and admiring their springiness. (I do wonder how anyone with great hair ever gets any work done. I just can’t help playing with mine when it’s all silky and smooth and lovely).

With Bubby D and the Wee Man’s Christening fast approaching, I was feeling very pleased about the fact that I might be able to style my hair into something splendid for the big day. But then, disaster struck. Arriving at my mum’s house I suddenly realised my magic wand was left sitting sadly by the front door – my sleep deprived brain had done its usual trick of allowing me to forget the things I really wanted to remember. So I phoned my sister, and it turned out she has a wand thingy too. ‘All wands must be fairly similar’ I thought, and arranged to borrow it off her. Turns out, much like Harry Potter might tell you were he actually real, all wands are distinctly not equal. While the other wandy thing did manage to create some semblance of controlled curliness, it was nowhere near the same as the THX wand of greatness. Neither did the curls stay where they were supposed to.

I’ve concluded, despite my initial misgivings that actually I’m very impressed. The THX wand with its variable heat settings, ceramic bits and special wire thing that makes sure the power cable does not go curly (ironically?) is now going to be part of my basket of hair things that are usable and amazing. And in my house, that’s a pretty exclusive and prestigious group.

If you’d like a more coherent explanation of the technical specifications of the THX wand, then take a look at it on the Tesco website here. Also, there are 8 other THX products available, which may also be truly superb. You can read about some of them here and here.

The THX Range


Clearly as you will have read, I was given a fun night out (there were little canapes, champagne, and celebrities!) and a magic wand to keep, however I was not required to write a positive review.

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