As any mother of a baby four months and older will tell you, jewellery becomes pretty much a thing of the past. Being sparkly, dangly and jingly as it often is, its the perfect thing to catch a young baby’s eye and invite a bit of grabbing, a bit of tugging and a bit of chewing. Not exactly the treatment you might want your fine metals and precious stones to be experiencing.

Happily for those mums who like to wear a bit of bling, there are options out there that actually have benefits for the baby too. Casting back my mind to when the Wee Man was only a few months old, I have many memories of feeding him, only for him to get distracted and start clawing at my front, trying to fiddle with things and generally fidgeting. Things were going the same way with Bubby D too, until one day I found breastfeeding jewellery, and teething jewellery.

My breastfeeding jewellery was a present from the Wee Man and Bubby D (with a bit of help from the Other Half) for Christmas. It comes from Mamajewels, and is a lovely string of beads that are carefully knotted together to ensure that no matter how hard the baby pulls on them (and believe me she’s given them a hefty yank more than a few times!) they don’t come unstrung. Bubby D loves twirling them in her hands while she’s feeding, staring at them, and giving them the odd chew when she’s in her sling. It’s made that grabby phase of feeding a much more pleasant experience this time round, and its nice to actually be wearing jewellery too – something I could never get away with previously with the Wee Man.

Bubby D has a matching necklace too – her’s is an amber teething necklace from Amber Pumpkin. Unlike mine, its not something for her to pull and chew on, but the theory goes that the amber heats up against her skin and releases minute quantities of natural stuff that help with teething pain. Many people think that sounds a bit crazy. Actually, I think it sounds a bit crazy too. But the great thing is that whether its crazy or not, it does seem to work – the days where I forget to put it on her I certainly notice a difference.

Bubby D has a good chew

And then, there is teething jewellery for Mummies. Basically, teething jewellery comes in the form of a necklace or bracelet that looks like adult jewellery, but is made of a rubbery material which is comforting and safe for babies to chew on. (And not just babies – the Wee Man was pretty keen to have a go on mine too!) My necklace from Teething Bling is a lovely silver colour that doesn’t actually look rubbery at all, and its fastened with a black cord which has a baby safe clasp, meaning that if Bubby D or the Wee Man pull too hard on it, it simply unfastens itself. The great thing about teething jewellery as a teething solution is that you don’t have to worry about it being dropped or lost, and you get to wear something pretty into the bargain!

The Wee Man has a bit of a chew too

So, even if your gold chains and dangly silver jewels are languishing in your jewellery box, don’t despair. In time, you can wear them again, and until then there is some great jewellery for Mummies – and fun for babies – out there.



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