Have a ‘appy Save The Children #XmasJumperDay – the Digital Dudz Christmas jumper

One of my favourite things about winter is being able to wear giant snuggly jumpers.

And if I’m going to wear a jumper, I like it to be an interesting one – especially at Christmas time when there are so many lovely bright festive designs around.

This year Christmas jumpers have really exploded, with stores all down the high street showing off lots of different designs, from chic to jaw droppingly cheesy (I do like a good cheesy one!). Even better, wearing a festive jumper on Friday 13th December for Save the Children’s ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ can help raise funds and awareness of a great cause – and you get to stay warm while you’re doing it! My work have set up a Christmas jumper competition, and there is a prize for the craziest jumper…

…something that I think there is a good chance of winning with an entry from the Digital Dudz Christmas Jumpers range!

Not only do they have some great festive designs, but they are just a little bit geeky too – because there’s a pocket in the front of the jumper that you can put your smartphone in, and it brings the jumper to life! You can have a crackling fire, a crazy singing cat, a sneaky Santa or a snowglobe that is actually snowing adorning your chest, which really makes these festive jumpers stand out from the crowd. (Just remember to tell people that you’re not REALLY on fire. Otherwise you might end up with a soggy front and a much more forlorn looking fire…).

digital dudz christmas jumper

The app that powers the jumper is free and easy to download – and of course the jumpers can be worn without the smartphone inserted too, they’re just not quite so interactive.

You can see what I mean if you take a look at this YouTube video, which demonstrates the jumpers in all their glory:

So: geekery, cheesiness, snuggly warmth and working with a great cause all rolled up in one brightly coloured jumper? You can’t get better than that for Christmas cheer!*

*you probably could actually, if you had a mince pie or two as well. I’m off to find the mince pies…


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