The slightly geeky Valentines gift guide

We don’t really ‘do’ Valentines, but that doesn’t stop me thinking about what might be on the cards if we did. Last year I got to live vicariously through the flower delivery for next door as I had to take them in and stare at them all day until they came to retrieve them. This year I’m unlikely to even get that!

But if there is someone slightly geeky in your life that you do want to give a token of your affection, then here are some great gift ideas:

remote control candles led hutRemote control candles

Great if you’ve got kids in the house, have a tendency to forget to blow candles out or are quite clumsy – these 3 remote control candles look convincingly real (mainly because they actually are made from beeswax) and can be easily turned on or off from the comfort of your bed, bath or sofa.

valentines toothless

Valentines Toothless

Who doesn’t love Toothless? Build-a-bear have a special Toothless Valentines edition that you can stuff for your love, complete with a rose.

Record a special message to put inside him, or just fill him with a ROARRRRR.

cadburys roses puzzleCadbury’s Roses Puzzle

The same great sweets in less fattening, more absorbing form. With 500 Cadbury’s Roses puzzle pieces that all look remarkably similar, it might actually be a labour of love to complete.

And unlike actual Cadbury’s Roses, you probably won’t be left with a box containing the last few bits that no-one likes.

love hearts tube necklaceLove Hearts Tube necklace

Never be lost for some loving words, with a Love Hearts tube necklace hanging around. Be constantly reminded of short, random love orientated phrases to say to your valentine – HOLD ME, BE MINE or even FUN GUY.

Or get some matching jammy dodger keyrings! They’re pretty good too…

hanasaurus rex zombie valentinesFree Printable Zombie Valentines cards from Hanasaurus Rex

Zombies and love – a classic combination…
And even better, these are free to print and customise to your own specifications.

Your valentine will be dead pleased.

noths_marshmallow-toasting-kitMarshmallow Toasting Kit

With the weather a tad too cold for camping, there’s no need to deprive yourself of toasted marshmallows. Use this handy marshmallow toasting kit from notonthehightstreet to get some warm gloopy pinkness into your life. And the marshmallows come in five different awesome flavours too! Eton Mess mallows? Mmm yes please!

hooded unicorn backpackHooded unicorn backpack

Let Amazon deliver you amazingness in bag form. Who wouldn’t want to walk around with unicorn style head? And there’s the added storage bonus too.

Better looking than a bunch of roses, and a lot less prickly.

seedbom lovebomLovebom

Soak it in water, launch it in an appropriate spot, and spread your seed around. (or not).
The Lovebom is full of Forget-Me-Not seeds, a wildflower symbolic of faithfulness and enduring love.

Which one would you pick?

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