The evolution of energy

I’ve just got back from visiting a Passive House development in Germany, and seeing all the technology that’s been put in place to make the buildings as energy efficient as possible is really all a bit mind boggling!

It’s no surprise that in the last forty years, energy use has risen considerably given the number of charging wires that seem to be strewn around my house waiting to trip me up, powering a whole variety of gadgets that even 10 years ago didn’t exist.

But these gadgets are the very same ones that can help save energy too! Using an intelligent heating system that can be controlled through your smartphone, smart meters which monitor consumption down to the tiniest kilowatt hour, and easily adjustable thermostatic controls are just some of the modern gadgetry available.

And with energy prices rising, and set to continue to rise, it’s well worth taking advantage of whatever energy savings you can!

It might all sound a bit daunting, but this great infographic helps explain what’s been going on and what can be done about it:
The evolution of energy consumption through the decades
Be smarter with your consumption and choose the right energy tariff.


PS. Were mobile phones really invented before I was born? That’s kind of scary!


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