Top Five TV Programmes – Autumn 2015

I don’t get to watch as much TV as I’d like.

I’m sure that’s something the kids would say too, although in their case they certainly watch a lot more than perhaps they should. The difference between the two is that BECAUSE they are constantly watching colourful little ponies prancing about, or superheroes saving the day via Netflix, I don’t get the opportunity to watch the programmes that perhaps might appeal more to me. (Although I must admit, I do sometimes get a bit drawn in to whatever mischief Pinkie Pie is creating, or considering the current near disaster that Spiderman has stepped in to save us all from…).

And don’t even get me started on the Other Half and his shooting and killing of things (on the PS4 of course, not literally).

We are a one TV household. And that means that until I manage to get the Panasonic Viera 4k TV that I’ve been dreaming of and relegate my old and tired 32 incher to take a battering from the kids, my programmes will never achieve priority.

It also means that when I DO manage to grab a slice of TV time for myself, I have to be a bit picky. And so, these are my current favourite things to watch:

The Walking Dead – it’s kind of impossible to have a bit of a Zombie Apocalypse obsession and not be a fan of this one, really. Plus I do like Andrew Lincoln as an actor, ever since the days when This Life was the show filling my (portable 14 inch) screen.

Mr Robot – It’s got hacking, conspiracies, twists and turns and people falling like flies in just about every episode. It’s got a fish called Qwerty. It’s even got Christian Slater!

As TV programmes go, this is one that I have to give a bit of concentration to, otherwise I completely lose track of what’s going on – but it’s definitely worth doing when I have time to tune everything else out and just sit and watch.

The Leftovers – hello again, dystopian programming. Unlike the Walking Dead, there’s not a zombie in sight. But there IS a strange, unexplained phenomenon known as the ‘Sudden Departure’ that has resulted in a proportion of the world’s population simply disappearing. And following that, the formation of a strangely spooky group of people known as the Guilty Remnants – chain smoking wearers of white, who have a vow of silence and ‘stand before you as living reminders of God’s awesome power’. Even, in this series, once they’re dead – if you  happen to be a continually harrassed looking former Chief of Police.

I do enjoy watching it. I don’t enjoy so much the panicking that consumes me for a second or two when I’m out with the family and can’t see where they are for a little while… (are they simply just round the corner or HAVE THEY DISAPPEARED?!!).

Peep Show – Ever since the ‘NOT cockmuncher’ episode I’ve been hooked. If you have no idea what that means, or what I’m talking about, then do yourself a favour and find out.

Don’t Tell The Bride – My guilty pleasure with not a hint of dystopia in sight. It’s easy watching and it repeats itself so many times that I only have to keep one eye and ear on it while I do something else with the other. I love seeing what quirky themes the groom comes up with, and although the Other Half pretends he thinks its ridiculous I often witness him getting quite caught up in it too (a bit like my pretension that I find his continual watching of Gold Rush ridiculous…)

And on my wish list to watch:

The Captains – Yes, I’m a bit of a Trekkie. So this documentary that has just hit my Netflix is totally up my street.

Master of None – a comedic look at the transition from the late twenties to early thirties. And apparently it’s perfectly suited to binge watching. Next time I have a spare few hours I’ll be sticking it on!

So what am I missing? What else should I be battling for some TV time for?


Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Share It Quick but all words and opinions are my own. 

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