Bumps on a plane – pregnancy diary week 27

pregnant bump on a planeWhen we were offered the chance to spend the time between Christmas and New Year in Norway, we were very excited. The kids have been clamouring to go on an aeroplane for a while now, and given that Pippin is due to arrive in three months time it was unlikely we’d get another opportunity for some time.

But was it a good idea at the beginning of my third trimester? I was a little bit dubious!

Although theoretically you can fly at any time while pregnant, in reality there are various reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t.

First of all, many airlines won’t let you on the aeroplane without a letter from your doctor or consultant specifying that you are ok to fly once you reach 28 weeks. Understandably, they aren’t keen on the idea of potentially having to help someone give birth in a small contained area several hundred feet up in the sky without a midwife around!

I just managed to scrape in at 27 weeks, although my whale-like bump was eyed suspiciously when I stated that ‘really, I’m not due until the end of March!’.

Equally, there is travel insurance to consider. I managed to get an insurance policy that would cover pregnancy up to 32 weeks (and I even found one that would provide cover up to 35 weeks) – but it’s worth checking as different companies and levels of cover vary.

And finally, there is comfort. It’s no fun sitting fairly immobile for several hours in a tiny seat at the best of times, but with a big bump it’s even less comfortable (and I was somewhat alarmed to find that the seatbelt only just fastened around my waist too!). Luckily the flight to Norway is only a couple of hours, so it wasn’t too bad – but I can imagine for slightly longer flights it’d start to get a bit horrible.

In the end it was definitely worth it – Norway was lovely and we all had a lovely time. The kids were amazed by the aeroplane, the fjords, the waterfalls and the snow – and because we went with family it was quite relaxing too.

norwegian holiday house hytteBut I WAS glad to get home – and for the rest of this pregnancy I’ll definitely be keeping my feet firmly on the ground!


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