Special number three – the Kiddicare ViB experience

kiddicare vib experience bannerNow my bump is getting bigger, I get a lot more people chatting to me about babies. People I know, and lots of people I don’t know too – often on tubes and buses or just randomly in the street.

But as soon as they ask ‘is it your first’ and I say ‘no, I’ve already got two’, they often stop talking. Even more so when they find out I’ve already got a boy and a girl.

It IS true that I’ll probably be far less receptive to lots of random, well meaning advice on birth and babies.

It is also true that we don’t mind whether we have a boy or a girl. But that’s not because I already have one of each. It’s because we’ve never minded – we are just happy when our children arrive safely into the world.

As far as I’m concerned, my third is just as special as my first – even if I do have a few years of experience and sleepless nights under my belt already. All babies are different and I’m sure Pippin will give me some experiences that I’ve not been through before.

And equally even though we do already have a lot of the things we’ll need for a new baby, there are still some things that we don’t have – and that’s why I went to Kiddicare to try out their Very Important Baby (ViB) service.

Basically it’s a personal shopping experience with no obligation to buy anything – just a great way to have a really good think about what you need or want along with advice from the experts.

And I certainly put them through their paces when we arrived!

Firstly, I had the Wee Man and Bubby D with me – which I was a bit worried about since they aren’t really the biggest fans of shopping. (Even if it is in Kiddicare which is admittedly one of their favourite shops, since it has toys, a play area and a very nice café!).

kiddicare play area

But my fears of rampant small children destroying the store were soon put to rest as the Wee Man was given a cup of ice cubes and some paper and crayons to play with while I got to have a little chat about what sort of things I was after plus the kind of budget I had in mind (and Bubby D had a bit of a nap in her pushchair).

First on the list – a different pushchair! There’s nothing wrong with the one I have, except it only carries one child…and having EDS and an inability to carry small children or run very fast I was quite keen to find something that could cater for all of them and ensure they could be reasonably contained when I’m out with three kids on my own and only two arms.

So I issued the list – a ‘side by side, easy to fold, lightweight as possible, good storage, takes a buggy board, and has the capacity to take a 20kg child as well as a newborn’ kind of pushchair. If such a thing exists…

kiddicare vib experience pushchair choosing

Luckily for me the Kiddicare staff clearly know their stuff and I was immediately directed towards two pushchairs that fit my criteria. Even more exciting for the Wee Man was the fact that there was a pushchair track and a ‘fake baby’ that he could use to try them out!

kiddicare vib experience fake baby

Which he did. Several times. And then decided to take a few more random pushchairs for a test drive too.

kiddicare vib experience test driving pushchair kiddicare vib experience pushchair trialFollowing this rigorous testing – and once I’d had the chance to do a bit of test driving too – I was left convinced that the Out n About Nipper 360 double was the one for us. The Wee Man agreed  – although he also feels that Pippin would really like a Recaro Babyzen… (It’s got a solar powered headlamp!).

kiddicare vib recaro babyzenThroughout all this the staff remained friendly and helpful even though the Wee Man was kind of destroying their pushchair display. I was really impressed with how they involved him in all the decision making, it was obvious that he felt like a valued and proud big brother.

Once we’d decided on the Nipper 360, it was entered into my wishlist straight away via the iPad which was carried round with us – that way I wouldn’t forget what I’d decided on. (The wishlist can also be shared as a baby gift list, which is an added bonus if you’ve got friends and relatives asking what they can get for the baby).

And then we moved on to thinking about what else we’d need.

A new cot mattress…

kiddicare vib mattress

…some sheets and blankets…

…a pramsuit for a little baby (because both the Wee Man and Bubby D were summer babies so we didn’t need warm clothes for them when they were tiny)…

…a couple of footmuffs…

…a baby swing…

…and muslins. You can never have too many muslins.

The list went on, and Bubby D woke up and also got involved with trying things out – although I’m not sure Pippin will be needing a toddler bed any time soon!

kiddicare vib experience testing toddler bedsThe whole experience took a couple of hours, and by the end I felt much more prepared for Pippin’s arrival. I think the Wee Man felt a lot more involved in everything too, because since then he’s been talking a lot more about what having a baby around will be like – so it wasn’t just ‘stuff’ preparation, but mental preparation as welll! Pippin may be our third baby, but he or she is definitely special to us and the staff at Kiddicare really helped us to feel that Pippin is special too.

We don’t plan to have more children after Pippin – but if we did then I’d definitely be back for another ViB experience!

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