Pregnancy diary 39 weeks – heading for induction?

As unreal as it seems, I’ve reached 39 weeks and the final week of pregnancy. I know it’s the final week because if Pippin doesn’t come along of his or her own accord, the hospital will be inducing me.

I’ve thought about this a lot. Part of me would love to just keep going and try and have a ‘natural’ birth. Sometimes I think, why not let nature take it’s course and just go with the flow?

But equally, having EDS, a tendency to dislocations, very fragile skin, rapid labours and usually, lots of stitches required I’m a bit hesitant about just waiting to see what happens. Especially since it could quite likely result in an unplanned and possibly quite scary homebirth. (I would love to have a homebirth but unless it does happen as an unplanned event, it’s not recommended as I am high risk).

So…it looks like it won’t be too far in the future that we’ll get to meet Pippin, one way or another. I’m excited, and yet also quite apprehensive – it felt really strange this weekend thinking it will most likely be our last weekend as a family of four. I found myself trying to enjoy every moment with the Wee Man and Bubby D, alongside getting incredibly snappy and frustrated as they were in extremely unhelpful, whiny and troublesome moods.

Bubby D obviously knows something is going on but perhaps isn’t quite sure what – and as a result we have had wee flung about, stairs drawn on and raisins mixed in with the cat litter then the whole lot thrown around the hallway. Oh, and she decorated my nursing chair with red glitter too!

The Wee Man is very excited and also clearly a bit unsettled too, whining about everything and constantly wanting hugs. Which I’m quite happy to give, as long as they aren’t instigated by a small person launching themselves at high speed with elbows out, straight at my rather large bump…

And here is my rather large bump
And here is my rather large bump hidden under the Cantaloop Prengnacy and Nursing Tank Top!!

And since nesting mode has most definitely kicked in we were also very busy trying to get everything ready. The carpets have been washed, things have been tidied, and the front room floor is staring at me reproachfully as it still needs a good steam mopping – that’s tomorrow morning’s plan!

The Babybay is ready and waiting...
The Babybay is ready and waiting…

Whatever happens, I finally feel like we are ready in a ‘things are organised, and I know where stuff is (mostly) sense, even if I’m not ready in my head. I’m not sure I will be ready in my head. So, let’s see what tomorrow brings…


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