Pregnancy diary week 33 – thinking about water birth

So this week, I’ve really started thinking about the reality that’s slowly creeping up on me: actually getting the baby out!

The bump is getting big!
The bump is getting big!

I’ve been lucky that my previous two birth experiences haven’t been particularly problematic in the respect that they’ve happened pretty quickly, and both times I’ve been induced so that my labour can be managed. (Having EDS means there are various possible complications as well as the tendency to rapid labour which meant the hospital were keen to make sure I was a) actually AT the hospital and not in a car park somewhere, and b) on the labour ward so that any complications could be dealt with quickly).

But this time I’m at a different hospital, having moved house. And they aren’t keen on inductions. And they don’t know much about EDS. And they don’t have a copy of my previous notes, despite requesting them from my previous hospital many weeks ago.

Which is all a bit scary – I do like to limit my expectations as birth planning goes, because the way I see it if I don’t have too many expectations then I can’t get stressed if the expectations are challenged! But I DO like to know (especially since I need to arrange for the Wee Man and Bubby D to be cared for and not scared by me suddenly giving birth on the kitchen floor for example) an outline of a vague plan. Because if I’m not induced, then I might very well end up with the kitchen floor option and I’ll need to give some serious consideration as to what I’ll do in that sort of situation!

One thing that I do know is that the hospital we are booked in with this time has a birthing pool on the labour ward – and they’ll let you use it even if you are induced. Which is really quite exciting! I’ve always wanted to be able to use water as pain relief – it works so well for me, I’m practically never out of the bath during the third trimester if I can help it – and I think it would be so much more relaxing and less restrictive than being stuck on a bed at an odd angle. Having never had it as an option previously though, I’ve not done a huge amount of research into it and now that it’s a possibility I really want to find out more. So that’s my mission for the next week – as well as trying to get my birth notes out of the clutches of my previous hospital!

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