Pregnancy diary week 37 – full term and finished at work

Somehow the days have ticked on by and suddenly I find myself reaching that technical point in my pregnancy of ‘full term’.

It’s an exciting milestone in a lot of ways, not least because I’ve finally come to my last week of work – and that’s something I’m definitely pleased about. I do enjoy working but in recent weeks it’s been a bit of a struggle since the workday commute involves a ten minute (currently more like 25 minute!) walk to the station, followed by 45 minutes on a tube train, and then another couple of minutes walk to the office. By the time I get there I’m usually absolutely exhausted and would really like to just fall asleep under my desk (I MAY actually have fallen asleep in the toilet, once or twice…).

Carrying this bump around gets tiring!
Carrying this bump around gets tiring!

However, there IS a Waitrose right next to the office and that’s good news since currently all I want to stuff my face with is olives and Waitrose Viennese Whirls. No other type will do…

I could have finished work earlier. Legally, maternity leave can begin from 29 weeks of pregnancy, and I have at times in the last few weeks questioned my sanity in delaying the start of it until right up until the last couple of weeks before Pippin is due to arrive. But at the same time I kind of want to be able to spend as much time on leave once Pippin is actually here as possible – because I will have to return to work at some point. Financially, even though sorting out three lots of childcare will be a big drain, we just can’t manage on only a single income until a bit more of our debts are paid off.

Another benefit of that long tube journey is that I’ve had time to finish Pippin’s blanket too. I like to make something for each baby we have and this time, having already done the knitting thing, I decided to give crochet a go. I actually really like it – and my fellow tube passengers seem to find it pretty intriguing too! It’s a good thing I AM enjoying crochet because once the Wee Man saw what I was up to he demanded that a blanket be constructed for him as well. And then of course, Bubby D got in on the act…and so that’s meant I’ve had THREE blankets to get completed!

Anyway, the last day in the office was a little bit strange. Having been signed off sick with anaemia for a couple of weeks previously, I think a lot of my colleagues assumed I was already on leave. The colleague I was meant to handover too ended up being ill. And my manager went home early because she’d fallen over. So I ended up pretty much saying ‘goodbye, office’ to some random, empty desks and then heading home!

Now the work of preparing for our new arrival can begin instead 😀

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