BABY Secrets – new stuff the kids like

So, Christmas. That’s old news right?

Today it is Boxing Day, which in our family means ‘The Other Half’s Birthday’ (always a source of excitement) and more specifically, this year, it also means ‘launch of BABY Secrets‘ day.

Also a source of excitement for D and Little B, who love a good small plastic collectible thing.

BABY Secrets are small dolls that come in 50 different variations, and live in bathtubs. That might sound a bit odd until I explain that the secret bit relates to revealing whether you have in your possession a boy or a girl doll – and the way this is revealed is by bathing them and seeing what colour their nappy changes into.

baby secrets revealing the nappy

Each of the 50 varieties has a different look to denote whether they are a painter or a partier, or whatever… and they also come with a birth certificate (randomly in the shape of a nappy) so you can record which dolls you have.

As expected, the girls absolutely LOVE them. They also love the fact that they can take them, in their little baths, into the big bath with them – because of course they are waterproof. Hours of bathtime fun!

three baby secrets

They’re not too expensive, as these things go, either. At £2.99 for an individual baby in a bath, they’re pocket money affordable, and if you want to splash out a bit more you can pick up one of four activity packs for £12.99 which comes with two babies on show, one hidden baby, a bathtub, three birth certificates and an accessory (either rocking horse, bassinet, high chair or pram, dependent on which one you go for).

If you too would like to make small nappies change colour and have hours of fun in the bath (or alternatively, watch your little people doing that), you can pick up BABY Secrets in Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer and Toymaster.

Happy nappying!

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