Bargain vs branded – the Wilko breadmaker review

I have a breadmaker and I’m happy with it. It makes bread, it makes jam, it makes pizza dough and it makes cake. I enjoy eating all of these things, particularly cake (and even better if it’s mixed with the jam) so I am very happy with my versatile maker of yummyness.

My mum was pretty envious of it too – and so when Debt Free Direct asked if I’d like to put a Wilko breadmaker to the test and see how it compares with branded alternatives, I immediately thought of her.

wilkinson breadmakerWhen it arrived, I was a little bit jealous, as it actually looks a lot nicer than mine! The sleek brushed steel finish means it sits stylishly on my Mum’s kitchen side, and the handle is helpful for moving it about.

But looks aren’t everything. Would it produce products as easily (and as tasty) as my branded machine?

(I should add at this point that my mum is a trained home economics teacher. So she sets the standard high!)

The first test – pizza. With the kids coming round for tea, a good pizza base was a must or they’d refuse to eat it! The recipe provided with the machine looked a bit more basic than mine with less ingredients, but despite that it still provided a nice tasting dough which was made easily following the instructions.

wilkinson breadmaker pizza

Second test – hot cross buns. Mum normally makes her own by hand every Easter and they are delicious; she was very dubious about whether the machine could match up to not only my branded one but also her own fair hands – but she agreed to give it a try.

Wilko hot cross buns

And she was won over! We had some lovely well risen, great tasting hot cross buns and we couldn’t fault the machine, it worked really well. Plus the recipe for hot cross buns was better than the one I got with my branded machine – they came out much better.

I usually try and identify any cons of a product we are trying but on this occasion I can’t really find any – it works as it said it would and produces excellent results. If I’d known about the Wilkinsons bread machine before I bought my own, I would have gone for that instead – for the price, the tasty bread products it produces and it’s efficiency and style its a definite bargain. Definitely worth ditching the brands for!


Disclosure: I was sent the Wilko breadmaker by Debt Free Direct for the purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own (and my mums!).

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