Eyedoo love my new glasses

Where would Superman go to get his glasses?

This is what I spent my saturday night pondering. He is Superman, so he needs glasses which exude an air of aloof geekishness. However, without his glasses, everyone would know he is Superman! So, he obviously can’t just run on down to the high street opticians and start trying on a pair or two to find the perfect frames. Instant cover blown.

Maybe he could disguise himself using a ninja outfit, for the purposes of shopping for his normal disguise?

Anyway, then I realised – after a few hours of pondering ever more ridiculous ways for Superman to achieve optical awesomeness – that of course the answer in this modern world is simple. Back in 1978 he would have had more difficulty, but being fictionally immortal he has time to wait until now, where the answer is obvious – get the glasses online!

This is something I have now been doing for several years, not because I am a superhero in disguise (OR AM I?) but instead because I need:

  • freedom to choose frames without leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in my wake
  • frames which are acetate
  • interestingly coloured frames
  • lenses coated in anti-scratch, anti-reflection, anti-child destruction features
  • as much as I can get for as little cash as possible

Behold, my wish has been granted:

eyedoo glasses frame selection pop up marylebone

Eyedoo offer a whole range of frames, suitable for superheros, demi-gods, unicorns and ordinary people. No matter who you are smiting, they guarantee their glasses are good enough quality to deal with the aftermath.* In my case, I need frames which can withstand a battering by a two year old hellbent on swiping them from my face at every opportunity.

They also offer a style assistant service. This is not a magical elf that comes to your house, but instead, an elf that lives in your computer and tries the glasses on a picture of your face for you. Perfect if you need a disguise without giving away your real identity, or if you have three small children that like destroying shops.

So I asked the style assistant to give me a hand.

A short time later, I was informed I have a square face. Then I was given a list of suggestions to suit my squareness.

Another short time later, I was happily inputting my prescription to order a nice blue angularly oval style of frame (prescriptions need to be issued within the last two years, and between +4 and -8 sphere, with a cylinder of no more than 3.00. (If that makes about as much sense to you as it does to me then it’s ok, because you can just take a photo of your prescription and the Eyedoo elves will figure it all out for you).

Or if you don’t need prescription glasses (Superman…) you can order frames with non-prescription lenses instead.

eyedoo choose four frames home trial



For those less decisive than I am, there is even the option to have four pairs of frames sent to your BatCave, so you can try them on at your leisure and decide without the aid of computer elves which frame suits your squareness (or roundness, triangularness or whatever face the elf says you have) best. This costs £4.95, but if you go on to order a pair the price of the home trial is deducted from the cost of your glasses – which is an all-inclusive (frames, lenses, and anti-reflection and scratch resistant coating) very reasonable price of £49. 5% of that goes to Vision Care, a charity providing eyecare for homeless people, too.

A few days later – BAM – a little package arrives at your door. It’s all very well wrapped, and the glasses case itself is a thing of total awesomeness – it can fold down flat but then turn itself into a nice sturdy little box with a satisfying magnetic closure. That actually made me as excited as getting new glasses in the first place. Pretty sure Batman approves too.

See for yourself – looking good? Yes Eyedoo. eyedoo glasses blue closeup


*this is not actually specifically guaranteed, rather implied – if you are planning on carrying out any smiting it’s probably best to check the specific terms and conditions, just in case.



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