First thoughts on the Fitbug Orb

Being up half the night and acting as mediator/ringmaster/sympathetic ear/trampoline during the day has left me feeling kind of sloth like.

I don’t feel like doing anything except passing out. I have no motivation or inspiration for anything more interesting than cheesy beans for dinner.

I know from experience that exercising more and eating a healthy diet actually lead to higher energy levels and better sleep – but how to get there when you don’t have the energy to get going in the first place…

…and does all the buggy pushing, preschooler hefting and ‘YOU WILL WEAR YOUR PANTS’ wrestling actually mean I’m getting enough exercise already?

I’m hoping the Fitbug Orb will tell me.

It’s a little round black gadget that fits into a wrist-strap (of the watch variety, or looser camera strap type) as well as a trouser waistband style clip, allowing you to choose where to situate it on your person.

My first thoughts on that were ‘blimey, it’s small’.

fitbug orb 1

In fact, it’s only slightly bigger than the round silver battery it runs off, which was easy to insert using a stray 2p I found lying around (this house REALLY needs to be baby proofed…)

So I immediately whacked it into the watch strap thingy, to make sure it didn’t get lost in the under bed world of Gone Forever.

Fitbug Orb 2

Installing the app was quick and easy, and the Orb linked up with no problems either. Then I just had to figure out how to use it!

Because it only has one button, you have to learn which ways to press the button to make things happen. Apparently it can track sleep – how much and what quality it is – as well as fitness and nutrition and I’m kind of interested to see what comes out of that since I’m currently feeding a four month old regularly throughout the night…

I also had a moment of panic when inevitably the Wee Man pounced on it, and pressed the button – I had no idea what command he’d instigated. But it seems the Orb wasn’t that bothered by his heavy handedness. Despite it’s small size it does seem fairly childproof.

So I think I’m on top of the button pressing now, and remembering to turn on sleep mode too. Let’s see what happens over the next four weeks!


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