Halloween ASDA style

The kids have started remembering things. As in, things that happened not an hour ago, or yesterday, but some time ago.

One of these things is exactly how much they enjoyed Halloween last year – in fact Bubby D is already practicing saying ‘trick or treat’ in her irresistibly cute witch voice. And they’ve been clamouring for costumes, decorations, and treats for us to give out too – half the fun is answering their own door as well as going knocking on other peoples.

ASDA have helped out in this respect, and sent us an overview of all the Halloween goodies we can expect to see lining the shelves, as well as all the different costumes on offer. And they also sent us a bag of treats to try! Halloween arrived early…

asda halloween decorations 2The skeleton and monster have already been earmarked for the front door, to let people know they can come knocking.asda halloween decorations 3

And when they do, there are some lovely things to offer. Scarily shaped biscuits (that one was so tasty looking Bubby D decided it was hers and scoffed it), bat decorations filled with jelly sweets, chocolate bean filled pumpkins and some eerie eyes that we had great fun using to make some monster themed cupcakes.asda halloween eating asda halloween cupcakes 2

The Wee Man, having perused the costumes, accessories and make up (including some gruesome green zombie paint and scary scars) set his heart on a robot skeleton costume. I have to admit I quite like it too, it’s something a little bit different to normal. And so we headed to our local ASDA to spend a bargainous £7 on one for him. I also love the Wingflatables – and they come in adult size, hurrah! Bubby D already had a dress provided by grandma, otherwise the light up witch outfit would have been in our trolley too – in fact, would it be wrong to get one ready for next year…?

There are so many great treats, tricks, decorations and costumes and all at really reasonable prices, that you can easily have a great Halloween at a tiny price. Which is good news, because now the kids have even more reason for fun Halloween memories – and they’re already planning the party they’ll have next October!

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