Little B’s first beach trip – and a UV sunwear review

Beaches exist in some kind of time warp.

You arrive, unpack, pick up a bucket and spade or lie down on a rug and suddenly…it’s 6pm and time to go home!

That combination of sea, sand, seagulls and fish and chips seems to suck away the minutes so that a whole day can pass in a whirlwind of fun – and even Little B, who had never been to a beach before, was intrigued at everything going on. She spent the day happily feeding, gazing around and sleeping – first wrapped in her NodPod to keep her snuggly in the wind and later on as the sun came out just in her dress (the first time she’s worn it – she’s normally in sleepsuits all the time!).

I at the beachWhen we arrived in Southend, it was a bit on the windy and overcast side – and so the beach was fairly uncrowded although the weather was still pleasant enough to enjoy sitting on the shingle. But even without the sun blazing down, I know from experience that the UV rays are out there; and there’s been an occasion or two where I’ve ended up heading home red after forgetting to slap on some suncream.

beachfactory uv sun topKids have even more delicate skin so I like to ensure that they are well protected too – and the Wee Man was very pleased to get the opportunity to wear his new O’Neill UV Swim Shirt from the Beach Factory. Although he wasn’t planning on doing any swimming he was certainly planning on getting wet – and the lightweight fabric of his bright red top was perfect for drying out quickly and providing protection from the sun without leaving him too hot.

beachfactory uv topWhich seemed much more likely as the day went on, and the sun came out, and the sandcastle was built bigger and bigger.

The top should have been big on him too, being sized as age 6 – but because he is tall for his age and the top comes up a little small it was a perfect fit for him, being slightly loose and easy to whip on and off when necessary.

beachfactory sun topWhen his ‘moat’ was finished, the Other Half helped fetch buckets and buckets of water from the waves until there was a stream of water running down the beach and back into the sea.

Pebble beaches really aren’t the best for building castles but the Wee Man didn’t seem to mind at all – he happily spent hours building walls up again and then watching them disintegrate as the water splashed over them.

beachfactory uv top front

We finished the day with a quick trip to Adventure Island, where the Wee Man and Bubby D were allowed to choose one ride each to go on as Little B watched in amazement; and then it was off for a fish and chips dinner.

Heading back to the car, I was pleased to see that the only thing red about the Wee Man was his top.

It was a lovely fun filled family day out – and ending it with three worn out and sleepy children who went happily off to bed was even better!

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