Review: Orderella – an app for food and drink direct to your seat

Gone are the days where I’d happily hang out in a pub or a bar, squashed into various smoky corners straining to hear what the person standing 2cm away from me was trying to say.

Of course, you can’t smoke in pubs and bars now anyway.

But there’s still the standing, and the sardiney nature of such places to contend with.

And on the odd occasion that I DO brave an establishment with a very low seats : people ratio, I tend to hunt down a seat and then glue myself to it, cradling a drink and sipping  v e r y          s l o w l y so that I don’t have to a) navigate to the bar and b) lose my hard won seat in the process of getting another.

I do sound a bit boring, don’t I?

But then, at the end of last year, I got an early Christmas present in the form of Orderella. It is GENIUS.orderella screen 2

Rather than having to leave my seat, I can tell Orderella what I want (and look through the entire menu of all the things I might actually want as well – even before I get to the pub or bar I’m travelling to if the mood takes me), order, and then pay all without moving a muscle (In my bottom, anyway). And that is exactly what I did, scrolling through all the options whilst sat on my tube seat (another place where you don’t want to abandon a seat once you have it) and finally deciding upon the ‘hot toffee apple cider’ which sounded – and is – absolutely delicious. Exactly what I needed on a cold winter evening. I reached the pub, found a seat, and a few button presses later I was sat waiting for it to arrive.

Enjoying a hot toffee apple cider, brought straight to my table! Thanks @orderella ! #orderellaxmas

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And it did!

It may sound very slothful but who cares, I’m all for a bit of sloth and I’m definitely all for having food and drinks delivered to my table, as if by magic.

The only thing that could make it better is if it actually WAS done by magic.

Even so, I’d say the magic of Orderella comes pretty close.


Orderella is currently available in around 130 venues across the U.K. and is set to be seen in a lot more too. You can search for local venues that are using it via the app, or on the website.

Speaking of which, to find out more about Orderella, check out:

their website

their twitter

their facebook

their instagram


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