Review: a family stay at Premier Inn Old Street

Ever since my sister got married last year, the kids have been a little bit obsessed with hotels. They were amazed by the magic sofa that turned into a bed just for them. They loved the miniature bath products. They thought that being able to walk a short distance from our room, and then choose from a massive array of breakfast items all set out in front of them was the best start to the day ever. (well, the best start was jumping up and down on the bed of amazement, followed by breakfast).

So when they heard I was planning to stay in a hotel for BritmumsLive, they campaigned to be allowed to come too, even though they weren’t coming along to the event itself.

I thought about it a bit, and then gave in. After all, I’d have Little B with me. May as well let the older kids join in too!

I did wonder if they’d feel a bit let down – not all hotels are equal and a family room in the Premier Inn might not quite compare to a (much) more expensive boutique style hotel. Premier Inn don’t have tiny bottles of cosmetics for a start, just a soap dispenser on the wall.

I needn’t have worried. They were thrilled.

The Premier Inn in Old Street was a bit hidden down a side street, but once we were inside we were greeted by a friendly and helpful receptionist who got us checked in quickly and on our way to our room in no time. The room was a reasonable size, but because we had two additional beds in there, it was pretty much just that – beds, with no floor space. Not really a problem for a one night stay and the kids were very happy jumping on them! I think if we’d been staying longer a bit more space would have been good but it was perfectly comfortable as it was just for a night.

The beds were lovely too, nice fresh sheets, very comfortable to lie on and a good size (even the extra put-up beds, one of which the Other Half ended up sleeping on as Bubby D decided she wanted to be in the ‘big bed’ with me.

britmumslive sleeping at premierinn was impressed by the cleanliness of the bathroom, and the facilities. I enjoyed a relaxing bath (one thing that I do love about Premier Inn is that they do usually have proper baths rather than just a shower which is definitely preferable for me and the kids) and my concern about the cosmetics was unnecessary, the kids were incredibly pleased with being able to dispense shower wash from the wall.

We were on a floor with lots of family rooms and it was fairly quiet, I certainly wasn’t disturbed by any noise either from within the hotel or from outside. The temperature of the room was just right and the adjustable controls were helpful. The blackout curtains worked well too, I had hopes of a nice long night of sleep.

That didn’t happen, because the kids were so excited about the breakfast they were up and ready to go at 6am. Unfortunately breakfast didn’t start til 7! Not the fault of Premier Inn, 7am is an entirely reasonable time to start breakfast. And luckily the TV had perfect reception for the CBeebies channel…

An hour later and we were downstairs. We’d eaten at the restaurant the night before and I was very pleased with how accommodating the staff were – we changed our order and the kids were a bit crazy but they remained friendly and helpful and made sure we were happy which I appreciated a lot. So I was hopeful breakfast would be good too.

And it was. The kids were intrigued by the cereal dispensers and bread toasting machines and happily ate the results of both while the Other Half and I tucked into cooked breakfasts, yoghurt and fruit. The breakfast was pretty standard mass produced breakfast fare, but it tasted fine and it was what I’d hoped for after our early start to the morning – and definitely good value with the kids eating for free too.

We checked out easily, and that was that – no fuss, no problems. £58 well spent. (Plus what we spent for dinner and breakfast).

Another great stay at Premier Inn – and the kids are still very obsessed with hotels, having had their ‘hotels are awesome’ opinions confirmed.

I’d happily stay there again, we all thought it was very good value and we are looking forward to our next Premier Inn experience 🙂 (I’m sure there will be one!).


Disclosure: I paid for our Premier Inn stay myself and was not asked to write about our experience. 


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