Review – Shnuggle cosy baby bath

shnuggle bath d and sWith two willing little helpers waiting to give Little B her first bath, a sturdy and functional baby bath is a must.

shnuggle bath front viewThe Shnuggle cosy baby bath at first glance looks kind of like a giant egg – quite fitting as she got her first bathing experience for Easter! Luckily it’s not made of chocolate though. That wouldn’t last very long in this house…

Instead, it’s made of a lightweight but strong baby safe foam material that feels soft to the touch. It seems like it would be much more comfortable, and probably warmer too, than the standard moulded plastic variety of bath. Equally usefully, the lightness means it’s much easier to carry even when full of water – something which is helped by the integrated carrying handles on either side.

At first, I made the mistake of not putting enough water in. Thanks to my memories of differently shaped, plastic baby baths I recalled that a couple of inches was enough, because the baby ends up lying down. But because of the cleverly designed ‘bum bump’ in the Shnuggle bath which supports little bottoms and stops them slipping down, babies can be bathed in more of a sitting up position – which I think is probably a good thing when there are two enthusiastic siblings with sponges involved! This means you can have a higher water level as well – lovely and relaxing to lie in for tiny babies who have recently spent all of their time floating in their mummy’s tummy (and when I looked closer there is a maximum water level line written on the inside of the bath too, which is helpful).

shnuggle bath with daddy
Little B was lowered into the bath, and after an initial squeal of surprise she happily settled and looked around. Even with two sponge wielding monsters attacking she seemed very comfortable, sitting contentedly and enjoying being washed. Hooray for sitting-upness! It made the whole first bath experience a lot of fun for everyone.

Although the Shnuggle bath has the bonus of the water staying warm for longer due to the insulating properties of the foam it is made of, we didn’t keep Little B in it for too long for her first time. Mostly this was down to the Wee Man and Bubby D getting over excited and beginning to turn the front room into a swamp (Our bathroom currently has a giant hole in the floor due to a different ‘swamp’ incident, otherwise we’d be doing bathtime there). The sorry state of the bathroom has also meant we are storing the bath in the front room at the moment and the lovely yellow colour and interesting shape are actually quite unobtrusive (it comes in five different colours, all beautiful pastels).

shnuggle baby bath reviewSince Easter, Little B has had a couple more baths and has been happy to stay in for a fair few minutes, wiggling around a bit and staring contentedly at the Other Half. She hasn’t yet learned to smile, but I have no doubt that when she does there will be lots of big ones for bath times in the Shnuggle 🙂


(Also, I really think it would be great to get an adult bath with a ‘bum bump’ in it – would make reading in the bath much more comfortable. Can you invent one please, Shnuggle…?).


More information about Shnuggle and the Cosy Baby Bath can be found on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

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