Review: Tommee Tippee Active Sporty cups

Sometimes, the cup black hole that exists around my house gives as well as receives (somewhere in the universe there are a LOT of random cups and lids – none of which that fit each other – floating about) and just recently, it has kindly offered us some Tommee Tippee Explora Active Sporty cups to try.

tommee tippee xplora in carWhen we are out and about, drinks inevitably end up sitting at odd angles in pushchair seats or jammed haphazardly into the basket. This means non-spill is a must if I want to achieve a day without soggy bottoms or having to buy drinks because the drink I brought with us is currently spilt all over the route we’ve just travelled.

tommee tippee explora active sportThe Active Sporty cups are a large shaped plastic design, with a lid that has a straw shaped spout. It’s been designed to look like an adult sport bottle, but with the bonus that it has a non-spill valve included. Although the straw remains ‘open’ with no need to push the top bit up and down, it automatically seals when no-one is drinking from it. At least that’s what Tommee Tippee say. Bubby D was very happy to put this to the test with her current love of ‘pouring things from one thing into another thing’.

tommee tippee active sport cupHappily for me it turned out there wasn’t much pouring going on. Or in fact, any at all.

tommee tippee active sportyThe cups performed as they said they would, and not a drop was spilled when they weren’t being used for their proper purpose of being drunk from. Even better, because the cups hold 360ml they last long enough for a journey out – no need to buy expensive drinks again in the middle of London. They say they are suitable from 12 months, and being so big I’m not sure how easy they would be for a little one to hold (they do get a bit heavy when full) but for a 2 year old and a 4 year old it’s not a problem at all!

tommee tippee cup tommee tippee explora activeThey’re dishwasher safe too, so once we got home they were easy to clean and because the kids love them so much that they’re either being used or being washed, they haven’t disappeared back into the black hole of lost lids yet.

And another added bonus – even if the lids are temporarily mislaid, they are interchangable with the lids from our Active SIpper cups too, as Tommee Tippee have kindly made them one size fits all.

Overall we are very happy with these cups and they seem very durable – even after three months use the patterns haven’t worn and they’re still not spilling a drop. So I’m hoping they’ll be avoiding the black hole for some time to come!

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