All bundled up

Its been a busy week in the GadgetGeek household. Wee Man has had a social whirl of festive engagements (and still more to come!) and Bubby D and I have been busy too.

On Wednesday, Bubby D went to her second session of baby massage at our local Children’s Centre – the first was leg massage, and this time it was tummies. She loves it! It’s really nice as a quiet bonding time for both of us (there’s not much of that going on when the Wee Man and the Other Half are around too – the description ‘bedlam’ is more appropriate on those occasions) so its nice to take a bit of time out and relax together. Bubby D is all smiles as I do ‘the sun and the moon’ – a rather complex move which involves hands going in all directions…a bit tricky for someone with no co-ordination like me but she seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Afterwards, she slept for almost 3 hours, which must mean it was relaxing!

On Friday, we were invited to be ‘ladies who lunch’ (well, I lunched. Bubby D had her usual tasty milk) by my friend Ruth and her little one Florence. This involved travelling into town on the tube, which is always a little bit daunting but Bubby D was perfectly behaved, sleeping all the way there in her pushchair and most of the way back in her baby sling.

She also got her first taste of Harrods (not literally although she has started gumming everything she can get her hands on). I’ve only ever been there three times myself and I cant afford to buy anything, but its nice to see at Christmas sometimes, this year I love the sparkly bits the doormen have had added to the cuffs of their jackets – very festive! In fact the whole of central London felt festive with all the lights, trees and baubles scattered around. I wished in a way that the Wee Man had come with us so he could see it all too. (BUT – two little ones on the tube, on my own, close to rush hour = very bad idea!).

Then on Saturday, Bubby D and I headed down to Bagshot for a regional breastfeeding tutorial. Since only babes in arms are allowed, the Wee Man got to enjoy a day out with the Other Half at the Tower of London. (Big Castle Mummy, and BOATS!). While I learned all about the benefits and physiology of breastfeeding, demonstration techniques and ins and outs of positioning and attachment, Bubby D played happily on the floor (between feeding and sleeping!).

There were 3 other little ones there so she was in good company – they were all checking each other out and doing some kind of wolf howling communication thing across the room…

The day was very tiring (for me anyway) but I found it immensely useful in spurring me on in my breastfeeding counsellor training and getting me motivated to get on with some of those essays that are waiting around to be written. Now I just have to find some time to go along with the motivation!

Something else you might notice from the photos above, apart from Bubby D being in all of them, is that the amazing Bundlebean is in all of them too. I just can’t help telling people about it, its been so great! Everywhere we go we get comments about it, and people asking where they can get one. I can’t begin to tell you how useful its been, and I just wish it had existed when my Wee Man was a littley.

When I’m travelling on the tube, or buses, or in the car its great because rather than having to carry round playmats, blankets, coats and covers I only need to take the Bundlebean. People are frequently amazed when Bubby D is howling in her pushchair and wants to go in her sling, so I pop her in, then release what appears to be her footmuff and turn it into a snuggly and waterproof sling cover instead. Later when we arrive at whatever group or event we are going to, I whip that off, and suddenly it’s an instant playmat. It’s been used as a windshield when we are going from car to house with her carseat, and I can see it being great when she’s a little bigger and out for rides on the bike with the family in the baby seat too. It has a pocket on the front to keep my hands warm, and it’s really simple and easy to use. The only slight negative I’ve found is that when used on an umbrella stroller like mine as a footmuff, the elastic which attaches it to the stroller prevents the seat from lying totally flat. Not a problem for us as Bubby D is old enough to sleep slightly less than flat (and indeed prefers it) but for a really little one it might be an issue for a week or two.

Anyway, bottom line, it’s made my life so much easier, and that’s something I definitely value at the moment.

So, here is my ‘Ode to the Bundlebean’, which goes to the tune of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ (and popped into my head last night while I was raving to the Other Half how much I love it):

‘Out walking, playing, in the pushchair
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the weather
When I’ve got my Bundlebean

Comes in black or pink or blue,
Waterproof and snuggly too.
Bundlebean it’s true
What all babies want for Christmas is you…’

And just so you know, if you want one too I noticed a little flash sale going on today until Wednesday with Bounty – so if you’re a Bounty member have a little look here and you could pick one up for a bargain £21! (Only 150 available though, so be quick).

And also just so you know, I was not asked to review this product, I have received no money or no free incentives. I bought my Bundlebean myself and the only reason I’m writing about it is because I think it’s truly fantastic and worth shouting about. Thank you Bundlebean! I look forward to many more hassle free weeks of fun with Bubby D like this one 🙂





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