Funky boots – and where to find them

‘Zebra!’ squeals Little B, pointing at her boots.

Or at least, some approximation of zebra, anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s saying, because her impossibly tiny size 3 wellies that she is absolutely obsessed with look exactly like incredibly funky zebras, complete with pink bobbly manes and matching bows.

A far cry from my own boring footwear, which is starting to let in water and quite possibly several years old. So I got to thinking…can I actually find some shoes that I could be obsessed with too? Shoes that actually fit me, that I could actually wear, rather than sitting on the sofa with size 3 boots being wedged onto my big toes by a delighted toddler?

Quite a lot of sites seem to have a large selection of shoes and boots, but they’re all kind of boring. The standard black, maybe with a bit of shiny patent or perhaps venturing into the world of brown if you’re lucky. Certainly no zebras in sight.

I guess maybe zebras aren’t entirely suitable as office attire anyway?

Then I came across Shoetique, and I think I have found THE ONES.

Often with sites that have a lot of choice like Shoetique does, it can be easy to get lost in forever scrolling pages, and difficult to find exactly what you’re after. On this occasion though, it was incredibly simple, because everything is categorised so well.

I searched for grown up boots, I noted that there is a variety called Chelsea which immediately made me think of cake, and then whilst I was savouring a sticky sweet bun chock full of currants (in my mind) my eyes landed upon them. The boots that incorporate colourfulness, heels I might actually be able to stand up in, and a colour other than black or brown.

They’re not exactly zebras. But I’m pretty sure that in the adult world, they’re just as good!



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