Hello Humpday – battling the lurgy

Something pretty amazing happened last night.

Despite being all gunky eyed, snotty and sore, Little B was a total trooper and settled down nicely for sleep. And she slept, and slept…and kept on sleeping. ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!

I can’t remember the last time I had the opportunity for a full night’s sleep. My body clearly can’t remember either because by 5am, and despite having spent the last few days feeling poorly and sore myself, I was wide awake, sparkly eyed and ready for the day.

Crazy what a bit of decent sleep can do to you!

I’m not saying that it’s something that’s going to keep on happening. It’s actually quite strange in a way – the Other Half has started talking about Little B going to sleep in a cot of her own, rather than attached to our bed. I’ll miss the sleepy cuddles when that happens, even though I don’t always appreciate having my sleep interrupted I do like the hugs. She’s still too little to go into a bed and there is no room for a cot in any bedroom other than ours, so she’ll still be in the same room – just with her own space. Not having to sleep diagonally across the bed will be a novelty, at least!

The other side effect was rock boobs. Little B only fed from one side before going to sleep, and after 12 hours of no demand for a feed the one which hadn’t been used for a while was painfully full. As I sat there at 5am looking at the rest of my snoring family, I actually seriously contemplated waking Little B just so she could help relieve me a bit. That’s something I wonder about too – if she starts sleeping better will she stop feeding so much? Already she is happy to go all day sometimes without wanting a feed, and if she isn’t feeding in the night either then perhaps our breastfeeding journey will be over sooner than I expected. Also a very strange feeling. My Little B is fast growing up.

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