I fell in love at Britmums Live…

I went to Britmums Live, and now I am in love!

(Before the Other Half starts worrying, not with a man. There weren’t very many men there, to be honest – although I’m sure the ones that were are lovely).

No, I’m actually talking about love of the materialistic kind. The kind that glows blue, automatically adjusts its temperature so that burning does not occur (unless you want it to, then you can use the back rings, hurrah!) and knows when your saucepan is about to boil over. Yes, I’m talking about Panasonic kitchens.

The integrated oven / hob / extractor fan is AMAZING. I want one. And I want a fridge freezer with flickery photosynthesis drawer. Who the hell came up with that idea, anyway?

Even better, I managed to win myself a shiny and new Panasonic LumizTZ40 camera. All thanks to a mention of Hobbits (just another thing to add to my list of ‘reasons why Hobbits are great’). It’s not turned up yet but we are all very excited and practically assaulting the postman every time we see him at the door.


But it wasn’t all ovens, fridges and cameras. I got the opportunity to practice my salmon dance, thanks to the Saucy Fish Co. I got to try some great new Sodastream flavours that I’m looking forward to giving a go on our machine at home. I received a personalised Coca Cola bottle to add to my motley collection of other Coca Cola bottles (mostly from the Olympics). I drank some kind of spinach concoction that was created in a Vitamix and actually tasted rather nice and not too spinachey at all. I had a good chat with Argos about how much I like their iPad App, and I filled out a Butlins Ambassadors application and kept my fingers crossed we’ll be heading off to Butlins sometime soon! (I’ve uncrossed them now, but they’re imaginarily crossed in my mind still. Turns out its quite hard to do most things with fingers actually crossed for real).


I dived into a bath to retrieve a duck and win some Oilatum bath, and I found out how I can make my scars look a bit less obvious by using Kelocote. I got to work on my gurning, courtesy of Acer and their fab photo booth (and I took a look at their splendiferous tablets too – I’m kind of lusting after the Aspire P3 Ultrabook which is a clever little piece of kit that combines the best bits of tablets and laptops all into one cunning little package). And then I got to know how I could make myself look less gurn-ey and more sensational, thanks to a personal style consultation from TKMaxx (THANKYOU by the way – I followed the advice I was given and it really does work! Yay!)

acerOh, and I went to Orlando as well.

Ok, not really. But I pretended that I did, and it was jolly good fun. You can see here just how much: http://youtu.be/gwu9S060hpM

Not only did I get to find out about some lovely lovely products, but I attended some very useful seminars too. Pinterest now makes far more sense to me, thanks to Maggie Woodley, Kerry Vanstone and Kerry Davies. I have far more idea of how to make a watchable video using my smartphone, due to the explanations given by Nigel Camp. And my blog will – at some point – increase in its amazing-designedness, because I finally understand how wordpress works after a thorough walk through from Julie Hall.

See what a fun weekend it was?

But then, there was EVEN MORE!

Because I got to meet some new bloggers – The Fairy Blogmother, Puffin Diaries, Tinkypen and Mummy and Boo to name a few – and I also discovered a whole new love of eggs. And owls (yes, I met Hedwig! One of the Hedwigs, anyway. He’s actually called Elmo but he looked very convincingly Hedwigish and was clearly very impressed by the wand waving skills I’d learned earlier that day). I got to hear many, many moving and inspiring stories – both from Katie Piper, one of the keynote speakers, and from other bloggers. And I was entertained by Katy Hill, who gave too much information about a fair few entertaining subjects.20130702-234815.jpg

Plus, I got to clap, and clap, and clap until I could clap no more to celebrate lots of excellent bloggers and their contributions to the blogging community and the world generally at large.


And to top it all off, there was cake. And some fireworks (actually not provided by Britmums Live, but we saw them from our hotel room window and they were very good). Oh, and biscuits, lovely hazelnut flavour ones (I’ve got a box of them stashed in my drawer at work now but shhh, they’re ALL MINE).

So all in all, a very fun two days. Roll on Britmums 2014!

PS. The kids were pretty impressed with it too, since they ended up with a Panasonic Dinosaur each and a new book each from Parragon. The Other Half got a new Sodastream bottle. And so everyone is happy 🙂


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