I’m a Britax Mumbassador!

Whilst I was at Britmums, I had the opportunity to quiz Britax about their rearfacing car seat – the Max Fit. I’m a big supporter of rearfacing until 4 and was pleased to get the opportunity to debate in detail the pros and cons, plus taking the opportunity to have a good look at all the features of the seat.

And it seems that Britax were happy talking to me too – because they’ve asked me to be a Britax Mumbassador!

It’s very exciting, and it means that I’ll be bringing you news about car seat safety, some great competition prizes, and also some reviews of Britax products.

Which will be very interesting to me too, as I have to admit to not owning any Britax products myself for my children. Talking to my mum about it though, it turns out that I was a Britax baby myself – I sat in safety and style in a black car seat with yellow on the straps.

I may not have experience of Britax products in my recent life but I am very much in support of the company ethos of putting safety first – and so I’m very happy to have the opportunity to get to know Britax much better!

britax mumbassador

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