Let them eat cake

Monday means preschool, and then an afternoon of attempting to entertain two little ones. Previous options have included a trip to the park, going on the bus, and a jaunt to IKEA. Each of these has usually led to at least one child screaming in protest, and mostly (aside from the trip to the park option, which simply requires the patience of a saint as the Wee Man requires a ‘super-high!’ swing push AGAIN, and Bubby D makes her annoyance at the continued swinging known) they also require at least a little bit of money.

Today, inspiration hits. The Wee Man loves cake, especially cupcakes, and I have all the ingredients required to make cupcake bottoms and frosting, before he wakes from his nap.

With Bubby D strapped to my front and sleeping, the cupcake bottoms are made and in the oven – the whole placing them in the oven part is a bit precarious, as I feel like I may end up with Bubby D in the oven too. Oh for a proper eye level height oven. Maybe one day…

Wee Man wakes, and for the first time in a long time, does not immediately begin whining. Looks like the cupcake idea may prove a hit!

Deferred gratification is not a trait that the Wee Man usually possesses, and I’m surprised at his restraint in not immediately attempting to eat the bowls of frosting in front of him. He is amazed at how the colouring turns the frosting from light yellow to green and pink, and subsequently sets about adorning his cakes with a mixture of the three. Sprinkles and chocolate curls decorate the floor, the table, and cupcakes in equal measure.

With all the cupcakes iced, I tell the Wee Man we will save them to show Daddy when he gets home, and that we shouldn’t eat any yet. Fully expecting a tantrum, I am amazed when he agrees to this and helps put them on a plate for later.

Then peace reigns, as the Wee Man watches an episode of ‘Something Special’, Bubby D coos happily in her playgym, and I sit back on the sofa in the guise of a perfect housewife (I managed to clean up all the cupcake baking mess and put the dinner on without any child meltdown occurring…!) and enjoy that rare feeling of happy calm. It may not seem like much to some, but to me it feels like a massive achievement, unlike the majority of the past 11 weeks.

Hooray for cupcakes 🙂

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