Living Arrows 7/52

As I typed the title, I realised I have no idea what week living arrows is into. I’m guessing, by the fact that Little B moved into the Bumblebee room at nursery after Christmas and they tell me she’s just had her six week review, that it must be week 7 or so. How has time moved so quickly? (and I’ve checked, and yes it is week 7!).

These first couple of months of the year have seen a lot of changes for us. Little B has bloomed and gets more and more like a preschooler and less like a toddler every day. She is talking, she knows what she wants, and she has found her SCREECH – which we hear often because she has realised that some things are hers and she isn’t keen on other people having them. It also applies to getting dressed, getting into the bath, getting out of the bath, getting into the car, eating dinner, stopping eating yoghurts, and being told she isn’t allowed to empty the entire contents of every kitchen cupboard onto the floor. The words she has learnt to say this week are ‘Silly Mummy’ and luckily for her, it seems that I am silly a lot. She also finally has long enough hair to wear in bunches, just like her big sister. She is very pleased with herself about that:

Little B soft play slide (1280x905)

Seb is excitable, with it being the start of half term and lots of fun plans ahead, and that comes out in him with lots of flinging himself around, screeching similarly to his little sister, and generally deliberately annoying everyone with a sneaky glint in his eye. It’s quite exasperating but I do remember feeling like that myself when I was his age, so I can kind of understand. Plus, he is kind of cute in a geeky way with his missing two front teeth every time he grins his crazy excited grin!

happy gappy hopper (846x1280)

D is tired, and that’s meant that she’s slightly less cheerful than her usual cheerful self. We were planning to put her Theatre School saturdays on hold for a while, and give her the chance to recharge a bit but a) she was so insistent that she wanted to go and so upset at the idea of stopping and b) it turns out we would have had to pay half the term’s fees to cancel anyway, that we caved and let her carry on. So she gets quite worn out with school, after school club and then weekend activities too – but she is definitely enjoying it all. We have a couple of quiet days planned in half term for her, so hopefully she will be completely her usual cheerful self for the start of the new half term (although…it is Moggy’s big birthday party next weekend, so…perhaps not!).

happy D on gym mat (1280x853)

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