New car! – the Hyundai i30

Prior to having children, my criteria for a car were quite different. I loved my Toyota Yaris, for example, because it was ‘freetronic’ – even the name of it sounds super gadgety. It had a space age drivers display, and the dashboard was in the middle rather than behind the steering wheel – a source of great excitement for me. Also it was red, my favourite colour.

Now my main concern is whether the boot is big enough for a buggy, if the rear seats have isofix, and whether the stereo can play the Wee Man’s ‘Songs for the Car’ CD.

Luckily for me, our new car (a Hyundai i30 estate in charcoal black – cars even have gadgety colour names now!) not only fulfils all these requirements, but in a return to my previous technogeek persona, it also has a vast array of appealing gadgety features too!

Cue mass excitement in our family.

The Wee Man is impressed simply because it is a car, and it has buttons he can press. His door does in fact have an electric window button but we have avoided alerting him to that. It also has a child lock – something which we forgot to turn on until we remembered its existence when the door popped open halfway down the M11 as the Wee Man discovered the door release handle. Majorly scary!

The Other Half has decided his favourite feature is the built in sunglasses holder in the roof, which when pressed lightly will spring open and display your perfectly stored sunglasses. Apparently it is for his use only, and woe betide me if I attempt to use it.

And my favourite bit is the glovebox. This is because it contains a little vent which, when the air conditioning is turned on, allows it to become a fridge! ‘It’s great!’ I exclaimed to the Other Half, when I saw what it could do. ‘Now if I’m expressing milk while driving I can keep the bottles cool!’. Of course, its highly unlikely that I’ll ever actually be doing this, but the point is, I could if I wanted to. For now, it’ll just keep my stash of chocolate biscuits and the Wee Man’s gingerbread men at the optimum temperature 🙂

So ok…it may be a car, but maybe it is a mummy gadget after all…

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