On your marks, get set…go!

With baby number 2 well on the way, and the arrival of a large, baby orientated parcel at the front door, the Other Half began to grumble. ‘You seem to need a gadget for everything!’ he moaned.

The parcel on this occasion happened to be a double pushchair, and in my opinion, a very necessary ‘gadget’ when you are about to become a mummy of 2 in a few short weeks.

But it is true that I do like my ‘gadgets’. Prior to having babies, I liked to be in the know about the latest technology, computer consoles, mobile telephones, and HD TV’s. Now I’m mummy to the Wee Man, and sporting a rather large bump, my focus has changed a bit – to the world of mummy and baby gadgets. Wired magazine has been swapped for Practical Parenting, and I now get more excited about the specs of a pushchair than I do about the specs of a television.

Amongst many of my friends, I’m known for having some of the latest baby products, if they want to try them out or ask my opinion on helpful solutions for their needs. One such example is the Little Helper Funpod which I got for the Wee Man last August, to keep him safe and happy in the kitchen whilst ‘helping’ do the washing up. Its a brilliant idea – a ‘pod’ that allows your little one to stand at the correct height whilst next to you whatever you’re doing in the kitchen, safely held in by the sturdy sides and base. The standing platform is height adjustable so it can grow with them from around 12 months until age five, and once they (and any subsequent little ones) have outgrown it, it can be fitted with a top that turns it into additional side space – something that’s very much in demand in my gadget filled kitchen! It also comes in a variety of colour options to fit in with your kitchen – from neutral wooden shades to even a nice bright red! Its not small, so you do need a reasonable size kitchen to fit it in – it doesn’t fold down for storage – but the benefit of that is that you know its a good solid piece of equipment that’s going to last.

As you can see, the Wee Man has been using it happily from the age of 12 months himself, along with a Little Helper apron that came as part of a kiddies utensil pack allowing to have even more fun joining in with whatever I’m doing.

Since it’s arrival, many many of his friends have been popped in there by their mums to try it out, and several have gone on to acquire one themselves.

So this grumbling got me thinking, that perhaps there are other people out there who might also like to gain the benefit of my gadget geekery and hear about how my gadgets have assisted me in my journey of becoming a less stressed mother of two – as well as some of my less gadget related experiences along the way 🙂

Therefore…welcome to Mummyisagadgetgeek.co.uk!

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