Pee is for potty

The Wee Man has been interested in toilets for some time now. I can barely remember the last time I got to ‘go’ on my own without being scrutinised inquisitively. (Particularly embarrassing in a public toilet recently as the Wee Man screamed triumphantly ‘mummy has a poo!’ for all the world to hear).

So with his nursery telling us for some time now that they think he is ready, and being able to tick off the majority of the questions on the checklist:

1/ Can pull pants up and down – yes, kind of. He particularly likes doing it when it involves pulling down the pants on someone other than him!
2/ Imitates the bathroom habits of others, such as following you when you go to the bathroom and showing interest in what you are doing – see above…
3/ Has words for stools and urine – most definitely, and loves shouting them gleefully
4/ Can follow simple instructions – he certainly can, the question is whether he wants to or not. Quite often recently he prefers to ignore instructions and do whatever he thinks he should do instead.
5/ Dislikes the feeling of being in a dirty nappy – yes. Plus he gets excited about being able to tip the contents of the dirty nappy down the toilet and wave goodbye to it as it flushes away.
6/ Understands the feeling of needing to go and can tell you before it happens – this is the tricky one. Sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn’t. I’m not quite sure if its coincidence or if he genuinely is ready.

we think about it for a bit. Especially in relation to the fact that he’s only recently become a big brother and is still quite a ‘mummy-cling’ at the moment (wanting my attention a lot of the time, and acting in a very silly manner a lot more than he did). In the end, we decide that even so, we may as well give it a go.

Obviously, this requires some new kit, so we head off to Westfield Stratford.

I have been to Westfield twice before, and both times I only went in three shops before deciding I couldn’t take any more of the crowds. I’m hoping that this time it might be a little quieter, now its been open longer.

Sadly, given that we only want extremely cheap pants (I’m told they’re most likely to end up in the bin fairly quickly) we try Primark first. HUGE mistake with a double pushchair, even one as lovely as our Phil and Teds. Its ABSOLUTELY INSANE! Aside from the fact that it takes us a ridiculously long time to negotiate even half the way to the pants section, there is also a mahoosive queue full of irritated looking shoppers. We quickly conclude that the relative calm of Mothercare is worth an extra fiver on pants, and head off that way instead.

Several pairs of pants later, and a few extra pairs of tracksuit bottoms, and we’re off home. The Wee Man has had a toilet step for some time, just to get him used to the idea, so no need to worry about that. Just a potty for downstairs to procure, and I resolve to appropriate one of those during the week as we’ve had enough of shopping for the day.

So…fingers crossed for a smooth ride tomorrow. Its kind of a scary thought!

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