It’s all about the potatoes – my perfect Christmas Day

It’s a little bit hard to write about my perfect Christmas Day – because that involves talking about expectations. And personally, I find that expectations are the very thing that can make what might be an otherwise fantastic day a frustration filled, nightmare day of sulking, screaming and tearing-hair-out-with-stress.

I CAN be a bit of a control freak in some ways. For instance, I do really like roast potatoes, and I really like them done the way they SHOULD be done. (Fluffy insides, crispy outsides, nice and warm and lightly browned. Mmm…I’m practically drooling at the thought…) And so in the run up, I make sure the bag of maris pipers is carefully stowed away and the fat of choice is sitting awaiting it’s fate; that the peeler, saucepan, knives and baking tray are present and correct.

heavy on the potatoes - just how I like it!
heavy on the potatoes – just how I like it!

But other than that, do I care if we have a turkey? Do I care if the dog has EATEN the turkey which was left out to defrost on the kitchen side, in full tantalising view of hungry canine friends? (The family has learnt from that experience, I can tell you).

The fact is, I do not. I am happy to eat pretty much anything, as long as there is food.

I don’t really care about presents, but I do like having a hand in helping other people feel happy.

Silly hat wearing mummies make kids very happy!
Silly hat wearing mummies make kids very happy!

I’m generally a fan of sleep, but as long as it happens at some point throughout the Christmas period, I’m not too bothered about being woken by excited squealing and jumping at 5am (that goes back to the ‘helping other people feel happy’ thing I was just talking about).

The Other Half gets a rude awakening too...
The Other Half gets a rude awakening too…

I like the colours, the lights, the often cheesy music that makes my heart sing and the terrible, terrible jokes that come in crackers (although if we don’t have crackers it’s not a problem – because I know Grandad Will has a whole repertoire of groan worthy offerings that he can roll out should we need them).

But most of all I like knowing that the shops aren’t open. The office isn’t open. (Twitter IS open, but I like to ‘forget’ to charge my phone on Christmas Eve…). That the family are around, and we can all relax and enjoy each other’s company with no distractions – most likely with a bit of food, and drink, and random quiziness, and games, and terrible singalongs thrown in.

So the perfect Christmas Day? It’s going with the flow and enjoying the pace of life that is otherwise missing in our hectic everyday lives. Enjoying the childhood magic again through the kids… Enjoying the present by being the bringers of the magic… Enjoying what’s to come with a nap on the sofa…


merry christmas elves

Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition

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