Reasons to be grateful

Well I haven’t followed a blog prompt yet, so today is the day I will. The prompt on Britmums this week is reasons to be grateful.

So, reasons to be grateful – well, thats a bit like the ‘Pollyanna game’ that I play every day.

Back in 2001 – after a catalogue of life changing experiences including divorce of my parents, increasing problems with my disability leading to chronic pain, life on crutches/in a wheelchair and eventually various operations and intensive physiotherapy, a breakup with ‘the love of my life’ (at the time!) and the added insult of the reason being that he was doing the dirty with my best friend (also at the time!), the sudden death of my mothers new partner, and the pressure of being the highest wage earner in the house for some time helping to bring up my brother and sister, whilst studying hard to pass exams at college and university – I had a bit of a mental aberration.

After a brief dabble with antidepressants, which I hated, given that they took away the depressed feeling but left me floating around on a plateau of nothingness, I came across the film ‘Pollyanna’ which I’d watched as a child.

Pollyanna had a hideously optimistic outlook on life, but the moral of her story is that ‘there is always something to be glad about’. So, I started applying that philosophy to my life, and strangely, it actually does seem to work. For example, I may have had to be the wage earner of the house, but I was glad to have a job. I may have had problems with my disability, but I was glad to have my legs. I may have lost my boyfriend and best friend in one fell swoop, but I was glad to have my teddy bear (and quite frankly, he gives much better hugs anyway).

Its a bit like Eddie Izzard’s sketch ‘cake or death’. There’s always a choice in life, and of course, people are generally likely to choose cake (especially if its some kind of chocolate cake, or cheesecake. I love cheesecake).

A cake to be grateful for - the companion cube cake 🙂 (very very geeky!)

So I choose to be glad, rather than sad.

And this week, this is what I’m glad about. Or, as Britmums say, my reasons to be grateful.

1/ I am grateful that we have bread in the kitchen, and cheese, so that I can eat some cheese on toast. With Worcestershire sauce, of course. The ultimate cheese on toast has pickled onion monster munch on top too, toasted so that the bottoms of the monster munch are a bit squidgy but the tops are just toasted enough to be super crunchy. Mmm…. I don’t have any monster munch today, but I’m just glad for the cheese and the bread because I am ridiculously hungry. That’s what breastfeeding through a 12 week old’s growth spurt does to you.

2/ I’m grateful to still be breastfeeding Bubby D through her growth spurt. There was a time, 11 weeks ago, that I really thought it wasn’t going to be possible, and I was on the brink of giving up. I’m so glad that I perservered, and that she’s now feeding happily. Happy baby = happy me.

3/ I’m grateful to have two fantastic little ones and a supportive Other Half. I may moan about them all sometimes, but even though the house does smell of sick and wee, I am often criticised for dinner not being ‘right’, and I’m forever tripping over random toys and carelessly discarded clothes, I am glad. The Other Half is very supportive of my breastfeeding counsellor training, my blogging, and my NCT volunteering, where many partners aren’t. And my little ones make me smile every day, even on the days of whining and howling and driving me close to tears.

So from the big things to the small (or in fact, looking at the above, the small things to the big!) there is plenty to be grateful for. And I’m SUPER grateful for that.


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