Safe and sound – The Lindam Challenge

The other day I was standing at the cooker, merrily stirring a saucepan of lasagna sauce (a delicate operation if you wish to avoid lumps) when I felt something brush my ankle.

Turning around to admonish the cat, I was startled to see Bubby D sitting there with a big grin on her face. 30 seconds ago, she was sitting happily in the front room, playing with big brother and being ‘supervised’ by the Other Half.

Flailing my arms in a humerous but somewhat worrying manner, attempting not to squash her, pour white sauce on her head or indeed plunge myself into the saucepan, I came to a realisation – it is time to ‘babyproof’ the house.

I say ‘babyproof’ in parentheses because of course it’s entirely impossible to make everything 100% safe. No matter how hard you think about it, crawling around on hands and knees and trying to think like a rascally 1 year old, there are bound to be things you’ll miss.

Catflaps, for example. It wasn’t until this happened…


…that I realised that it’s not just cats that can make their escape through small, low level doors.

Equally, I don’t believe it is a good idea to go mental and cover everything in cotton wool (although it could be an interesting style experiment) because babies do need to learn where possible from their mistakes.

That said, the cupboard of danger (you know, the one full of bleach, plastic recycling bags, ominous looking sponges and rusting tins with big orange X’s on them) is a definite no go area. So too is the freezer, as I don’t like food shopping so I try to only do it once a month. Which means having the freezer door opened – and of course left open with slowly defrosting food littered across the floor – at the wrong time of the month could be a costly mistake.
Being clumsy myself, it’s probably a good idea in general to stop doors slamming on fingers, and a few cushioned corner covers might not only lessen the pain of head bumping for Bubby D but also make my legs more bruise-free.

Therefore, out comes the Lindam Home Safety set. With corner cushions, safety catches, door stopper, appliance latch and multi-purpose latch it covers just about every low level baby proofing eventuality, with a mininum of hassle and fuss. Simple solutions, easily installed and everything stays hassle-free for adult use.

Oh, and did I mention electricity? One of Bubby D’s current favourite things other than sneaking up on me in the kitchen is to try and eat wiring – not much I can do about that, but I can limit the amount of wires available by removing them from plug sockets and then filling the gaps with a nice little Lindam cap (or ‘socket cover’ as they like to call them).

babyproofing in a box

30 minutes after Bubby D’s kitchen escapade, her cat food appropriation plan is thwarted (by me moving the cat food), the cupboards and appliances are secure, corners are cushioned, the sockets are capped and the doors are slamproofed. For a few minutes, until the next ‘thing that I forgot happens when you have a mobile baby’ occurs I can relax happily for a minute or two knowing that the house is a safer place for Bubby D to be. And so can the cat.

6th September is the first National Safety Day launched by Lindam to remind busy parents how a minute spent sticking innovative bits of plastic to household surfaces can prevent a whole lifetime of hurt.

To find out more about National Safety Day, Lindam Products or to read some other cautionary tales and peril-prevention tips, take a look at Lindam’s lovely website or Facebook page.

I was given a Lindam Home Safety Kit to try out in order to write this post, a lovely timely occurrance for me since I was about to procure one anyway! I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.

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