Unboxing the Britax B-Motion 3 – an initial review

‘Grr, another pushchair has arrived…’

That’s the text I got, whilst I was sitting at work.

I was excited. I like trying out new pushchairs – and the B-Motion looks like it will be a lot of fun to use, for me and for Bubby D.

Having thought about it, even the Other Half was quite interested to see how it performs – despite his initial grumpiness about where it was going to live in the house.

Because, looking at the box, it does seem like it might be quite large…

britax bmotion box…and after unpacking it, yes, some bits ARE quite large. Namely, the wheels. And the shopping basket.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Quite a lot has been packed into the box – the chassis, a hood, three wheels, a bumper bar and attachments, car seat adaptors, a raincover and of course instructions which detail how to put it all together.

britax b motion 3 review partsSo I do.

Something which takes about ten minutes in total.

I did use the instructions, but I don’t think I really needed to – it was all pretty straightforward and the pushchair went together really easily. The wheels simply push into place (and can be removed again for more compact storage, should you need them off); the hood slots into two little holes either side of the chassis, and the bumper bar is easy to slide on and off once you’ve tried it a time or two (it did take me a couple of goes to get the hang of putting it in the right place and the right way round!).

Then I wondered, how does it fold down again?

This proceeded to catch me out for a minute or two.

There is a small grey button on one side of the pushchair which the instructions say to slide up, before then pulling upwards on the black strap in the centre of the seat.

So, I slid the button, and pulled. And then tried again, and then again. I was just starting to think that I had perhaps the only B-Motion 3 in the world that was unfoldable, when suddenly I realised that the button could be pushed in at the same time as sliding up – and then it clicked, and the black strap pulled up, and suddenly the pushchair was in a neatly folded pile on the floor.

britax b motion 3 review assembled folded

A much smaller pile than I had anticipated.

It’s actually pretty compact when it’s folded down – something that comes as a bit of a surprise when considering the robust frame, the generous size and height of the seat, the large sturdy wheels and the hood which extends to provide a very reasonable amount of coverage from the elements.

Once I’d finished playing with the lockable front wheel, bumper bar, zipped back pocket and easily engaged brake it was time to pick up Bubby D from preschool. So I took the B-Motion along to see what she thought of it too.

And she seems pretty impressed!

Climbing into it straight away of her own volition, she announced to the preschool staff ‘MY pushchair’, before pointing imperiously at the way she had decided we should take home.

britax b motion out and about

Off we went, and I was pleased to note that the large air filled tyres, suspension and comfortable height-adjustable bar handle all made the B-Motion a pleasure to push – even with a large bouncy toddler inside it, and a path home through woodland, bumpy potholed roads, and uneven pavements to navigate.

Our first day with the B-Motion 3 has gone well. And we are looking forward to giving it a very thorough testing in the next few weeks!


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