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I remember once, many moons ago (about…40 or so I’m thinking, at least) when weekends were a time for relaxation, long lie ins, and perhaps a night out or a takeaway in front of the television…

Not any more!

Under the light of the rather banana shaped moon, my clothes swing gently in the breeze. That’s not because they’re on me, and I’m dancing in the moonlight (I’d need some time and energy for that!) but rather because the umpteenth load of washing has finally been completed and hung on the line ready for the morning sun (I hope).

Yes, weekends have turned into a time of laundering. One load after another, sheets, clothes, towels, more clothes…how do we even have this many clothes? It’s not like washing doesn’t get done during the week, but somehow, no matter how many times a wash is put on, by the weekend there is still an almighty laundry volcano eruption spewing out of the dirty clothes bin.

Given that we do so much washing, obviously we need quite a lot of washing powder. I think it likely that we could pretty much keep a washing powder producer in business quite reliably on our own, the amount of the stuff we go through on a weekly basis. Great for them – not so great for our poor groaning wallets.

Which is why I was rather pleased when the people at Ecoegg offered us the chance to put their no-need-for-washing-powder solution to the test. Behold it’s splendour:

I basically figured we had nothing to lose – other than maybe a bit of time should it turn out not to live up to expectations, meaning that we had to do the washing again. The Other Half was a bit more dubious. ‘I just don’t see’ he said ‘how it can work. It doesn’t smell, its basically just a plastic egg full of little balls. How does it even make clothes clean?’

The conversation continued in that vein until eventually I just snuck it into a wash instead of our usual washing powder, and waited to see what emerged from the machine. And I have to say, we picked a taxing week to try it out.

Bubby D has had some kind of vomiting, pooing bug which I wont go into details about but needless to say, it’s resulted in a lot of pretty dirty clothes, bedsheets, towels…and the Wee Man has decided to pick this week to refuse to wear nappies, resulting in…well, more dirty clothes, bedsheets, towels. And not just theirs either, since we as parents have also become covered in various substances of one thing or another – so there was basically a massive heap of stinking, filthy laundry waiting for a turn in the washing machine.

First, I prepared the egg. This involved splitting it in half, filling it with some little black balls, and then adding some little white balls. Actually there were quite a lot of little white balls, and although the instructions said to gently tap the larger half of the egg to help them settle so you could cram the whole lot in, despite a whole lot of tapping (I had a pretty nice rhythm going on) those little balls just didn’t want to make space for any more. Nevertheless, a bit of jiggerypokery later (involving filling the other half of the egg with the rest of the balls and then jamming the two halves together quickly) and the egg was filled and ready to go.

And that’s it! Put it in the washing machine, use the normal settings, then wait for the machine to stop.

I have to say I was pretty impressed. The laundry emerged clean and neutral smelling, and after being line dried was lovely and fresh to use.

Clean enough to eat?

Aha, I thought. But what about miserable indoor weather drying?

On went another load. And another. And another. Sheets, clothes, towels and reusable nappies all went in with the Ecoegg. And emerged with the same results every time! Clean, fresh smelling clothes, even dried indoors on an airer or over the radiator. Brilliant!

At £19.99 RRP, the price of the Ecoegg might put some people off at first. But when you consider how much you’d be spending on washing powder (the Ecoegg boasts an ability to last an impressive 720 washing cycles – for an average family that means it will last THREE YEARS!) then it’s definitely worth the investment. Even better, its environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and refillable – so even after those 720 washes are done you can keep on washing with the same Ecoegg.

If you want to know how it all works (because I did read the technical stuff but then it all kind of went wiggly in my head and sloped off to sit in a corner of my brain somewhere) then take a look at their website.

I’d say that now weekends are a lot more fun, but that’s not entirely true – there’s still a lot of laundry to be done! But at least now its cheaper and more sustainable. I can’t complain about that 🙂


Clearly, if you’ve read this post you’ll have noticed I was given an Ecoegg to review. However, all words are my own honest opinion, and I was not required to write a positive review.

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