Y is for Yoda

When I had the Wee Man, mothers of girl-babies offered me commiserations on the clothing front.

‘There really is so little choice for boys, compared to girls’ they would say, happily juggling their miniature pairs of tights, frilly little dresses, tiny hair accessories and spangly shoes. To be honest, I was generally quite pleased with this lack of choice as a) I like dungarees, and b) I like not being tempted to spend far more than I can afford on clothes that will only be worn a few times!

However, then along came Bubby D. And I discovered that although it is true there is more choice for girls, on the whole, it is overwhelmingly a choice of pink stuff versus other pink stuff.

They may be different shades of pink, and on occasion the odd bit of purple gets thrown in as well (usually in a lovely girly shade of lilac), but on the whole it’s all pink, pink, pinky pink.

I do like pink (bright pink, anyway). But I’m not overwhelmingly fond of it to the extent that its the only colour I want my children to wear (yes, the Wee Man has some pink clothing too). In fact, I like bright colours, for myself as well as the children. Red, purple, green, blue, yellow, turquoise… bring them all on!

This is why when I saw Me&I clothes, I fell in love with them.

They are a Swedish brand that offer high quality clothes in a whole range of bright and colourful designs, many of which are unisex – a great plus for those of us with both boy and girl children as you get twice the wear out of them. And wear them for ages you can, as they’re Öko-Tex certified and able to last hundreds of cycles of ‘wear, get grubby, get washed’.

In case you are wondering, this is where Yoda comes in. The Wee Man absolutely loves his green Star Wars-esque Me&I top with cartoonish representations of Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Yoda. He likes it ‘because of the Yoda dog, and because it is green’ (apparently).

I, on the other hand like it because it’s lovely and bright, it washes brilliantly, and it still looks brand new. This is after its been worn camping, been covered in mud and porridge several times, and also been used as a nursery top (any parent will probably know that nursery clothes generally should be those that you don’t mind being destroyed, but in this case I don’t have to worry about it as the top can take whatever is thrown at it!).

AND I like it because (and oh my goodness, I’ve turned into my Mum…) you can buy it two sizes too big and it still doesn’t look like the Wee Man has nicked an older sibling’s outfit.The Wee Man’s Yoda top is actually age 4-5 (he’s not even 3 yet!) but it’s already fitting him fine.

This is because all Me&I clothes have been made with longevity in mind, and have great little features built in like turn up cuffs that don’t look like you’ve just rolled up the sleeves, and pull in bits on the bottom of trousers to stop that scuffed, dangled in the dirt look.

Did I mention Me&I do adult clothes as well? So not only can the kids look great, but I can too, hurrah!

They’re not the cheapest of clothes, but given the quality, the amount of wear you get out of them and the great choice of designs, I think it’s definitely worth paying that little bit extra for some nice outfits you know will last.

Bubby D has yet to try her outfit (giraffe tights and a matching vest top, with a pink – yes, I know what I said about pink but it’s a lovely bright pink – cord pinafore dress) as it’s too big for her, even with the cunning fits-for-ages devices built in, but I’m sure that when she does get to wear it, she’ll love it just as much as the Wee Man loves his 🙂

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